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Tips On Golfing With Warm-Up Exercises

If you are an avid golfer, you know that your golf swing is key to send your ball in the direction and distance intended for it to land. This article will give you tips on golfing to improve your game. You may gain some knowledge even if you are an experienced golfer.

Golf Tips – The Secret to Better Tee Shots for Duffers

Whack! That’s the sound of your next tee shot. Will it most likely land far down the fairway or not? You can discover the tips you need to correct the flaws in your swing and begin consistently hitting better tee shots. Read on.

5 Things You Need to Know If You Want to Build a Golf Course

People have interest in building a golf course for various reasons. It could be that they want to develop it as a business, as more people are taking up golf these days, even among the ladies and youngsters. Some of these people are hotel or resort owners and having a golf course is a good investment to lure in visitors and tourists.

Choosing Your Wedges Properly Can Lower Your Score

Choosing your wedges It is estimated that 75% of shots during a round are played within 100 feet of the pin. As a consequence, over the past decade, wedges have become increasingly sophisticated, and dexterity with these instruments will certainly both lower your score and add to your enjoyment of the game.

Where to Play Golf in Your Area – A Guide to Golfing

Whether you are a vacationer or a local who wants to find out other nice golf courses in Manila, you could easily consult the internet for that. Golfing in the Philippines is not nearly known as much as other sports, but it has a special place in the hearts of those who play it. Plus, golfing in the country doesn’t just mean playing the sport, but also appreciating the scenic views of the different locations.

Improving Your Golf Swing by Doing These Three Things

Do you enjoy playing golf with a passion? Have you seen other golfers with an amazing swing? Do you want to know how you can develop the swing perfect golf swing yourself?

Corporate Hospitality Events – Golf Days

A corporate hospitality event helps in strengthening the client relationships and acquires new business as well. A corporate outing provides you with ample opportunity to bring your important customers and colleagues. You can either go for a horse riding or golf day hospitality to impress your clients and colleagues.

Tips on Golfing – Excessive Head Movement Part One

You may have noticed this fault of video, seeing it in your shadow, will be made aware of it by your fellow golfer. Whatever, trying to fix excessive head movement by consciously keeping your head rigid only results in tension, anxiety and the golf game that only gets worse.

Nike VR Pro Cavity Irons Inspire Confidence in Your Game

Nike have introduced the newest edition to the hugely successful VR Range, the Nike VR Pro Cavity Irons! This latest iron set has been designed for the golfer that wishes to play with the best clubs, while achieving more distance and forgiveness than Nike’s blade irons. The VR Pro Cavity Irons inspire confidence and greatly improve any higher handicapper’s game.

Golf Tip – The Right Driver Hits The Ball

Use different golf clubs. Each club was designed for a different purpose. Learn the purpose of each club. Do not hesitate to get a golf tip or two from the salesperson that sells you the golf clubs. Practice until you become very familiar with how each club swings for its design.

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