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Putt Down the Tracks

We have to address first things first. If you don’t feel comfortable doing drills and using golf aides, you will never improve to the level we want you too.

Golf Hats – Look Fantastic While Golfing

Do you mess up shots often while golfing because of the sun? Keep it out of your eyes with a golf hat.

Golf Training Aids – Take Your Game to the Next Level

Are you sick of losing to your golfing friends? Use some golf training aids to improve your game.

Eliminate 3 Putts and Improve Your Overall Golfing Score

One of the worst problems golfers have today is the dreaded 3-putt or even sometimes the 4-putt. Do you have this problem?

Three Basic Golf Swing Steps

Golf is watched by thousands on TV and to be able to achieve a swing like the pro’s there are three basic golf swing steps you can follow. A good turn in your shoulders will allow you to hit the ball effectively and achieve a greater consistency.

Custom Fitting Golf Clubs For Better Results

Custom fitting golf clubs is the only way to get the perfect driver for the individual. Passion, knowledge and state of the art technology is the best way to have the perfect driver built for you.

Beginner Golfer Tips

When you are just starting out in the game of golf you are unsure as to what you need for equipment. You do not need to spend a lot of money as you will see. There are ways for you to try the game of golf and see if you like it before purchasing hundreds of dollars in equipment and clothing.

A Great Golf Vacation

When many people think of The Commonwealth of Kentucky they think of race horses, The Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey or Kentucky Wildcat Basketball. Few, very few, know about our great Signature Series Golf Courses at our State Resort Parks.

Golf is My Life!

I guess it’s very difficult for the uninitiated to understand the mentality of the avid golfer. Why is this absolutely maddening game so loved? Well, I have played golf for 46 years and, I have to say, I don’t know!

Golf Club Review

You swing and you swing and you miss, slice, hook and whatever else you might do to miss the target. You are getting frustrated. You swear that you are not doing anything wrong. If that is truly the case, look at your golf club and complete a golf club review.

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