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Golfers – Take Up an Anti Slice Grip!

Slicers have generally been taught to have a stronger grip (i.e. the left hand moves slightly further to the left side of the shaft) to encourage them to rotate the clubface closed through impact. But in some cases this isn’t the best way to go as some will learn to hold the face even more open and thus make their problem slice even worse!

Top Putting Training Techniques

To play golf successfully, it is essential to have a range of skills and you need to be good at all of them. You can have a great driving shot and a good chip, but if your putting skills are not up to scratch, you will not be able to clinch the game. Therefore, putting training is crucial if you want to start winning games.

The Importance of a Balanced Golf Swing

Golf is a game of consistency, the more consistence you are the better you will play. So, one would conclude that having a balanced golf swing is imperative. But, this isn’t a real easy thing to achieve, in fact, it is one of the most difficult parts of the golf swing to master.

2010 Groove Regulations – Are the Grooves on Your Wedges Legal Or Do You Need to Buy New Wedges Now?

By now you will have heard (or have you?) about the change in the rules governing the grooves in golf clubs that comes into effect on 1st January 2010. Do you know how these rules will affect you and your golf equipment?

Golfing-How-To 101 – Proven Steps to Help You Learn Golf in No Time

Golfing-how-to lessons aim to inform students about the sport called golf – the history behind this sport, the terminologies and equipment used in this sport, and the best tips and techniques to assist students learn this sport in no time. But in taking these lessons, there are also steps that a golf enthusiast must use to make him learn this sport faster. What are these proven steps to help you learn golf in no time?

Best Golf Book – My Top 5 List of All Times

If you have considered having a golf book today, but you cannot decide which one to buy because of tons of options presented to you, I have listed below my top-five list not only this year 2010, but they are actually of all times. Check each one of them to know if we have the same list of the best golf book.

Best Golf Book Or Professional Trainer? Which One is Better?

No matter how expensive your golf equipments are no matter how costly your shoes, clothing and caps are, the kind of game you will experience does not depend on these things. The result of the game can be determined by how much effort you made during your practice. In the longer run, whichever you decide to choose between the best golf book and getting a professional trainer, so long as you possess determination and patience, you can have a good game, somehow.

How to Choose an Electric Golf Trolley on Your Budget

Highlighting a few aspects on choosing the right electric golf trolley on the current market. This covers a detailed specification list, price range, after sales service and warranty.

Golf Balls For Beginners

The great game of golf has been around for years. Many play for fun, with family and friends, for money or professional. There is nothing like being out on the course on a nice day with a very light gentle breeze rolling the ball up to the green.

Golf Lessons Online – The Future of Instruction

Talks about why golf lessons online are becoming more popular. Describes the benefits of golf lessons online.

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