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Golf Tips For Beginners – 3 Great Ways to Make Your Putting Better

Golf is a popular but challenging game that very few people can excel at. It is frustrating to most beginners that their game often breaks down at the final hurdle.

A Proper Golf Swing Takeaway is Key to a Consistent Swing

The start of the golf swing takeaway is a finger and hand motion. Let the fingers hands and wrist lead. Feel the club head.

Golf Swing – Learn to Improve Your Golf Swing

Perhaps you have had the bad luck of developing a slice which sends your ball into the rough on a regular basis. Here are a few suggestions that may help improve your golf swing in just a short time.

Lower Your Handicap – Improve Your Short Game

Lowering your handicap and Improving your short game is a must if you want to knock shots of your score card. Here are a few drills I take to the golf range.

How to Search For the Best Golf Book to Improve Your Game

Golf is an interesting game and surely you would love to become a better player in this sport. To improve your game, you need to learn the basics, practice your swing, and understand the most complex techniques in this game. This would make you a play like a champion in this field.

How to Build Your Golf Swing Power – 3 Things You Must Know

How’s your golf swing power? Do you know how to build your power enough to affect your game? Many novice golfers make the mistake of thinking that exerting maximum strength into their strokes is the best way to get distance on their shots. Don’t be one of them — know the basics of building good golf swing power.

What to Look For in a Beginner Golf Club Set

Buying a beginner golf club set is a great way to save money on rental clubs. Now that you have a feel for what you’re doing you’ll want to step up the pace a little with your own clubs. You don’t need an expensive set like the pro golfers use. You just need an inexpensive but quality made set that will help improve your game.

Learn Golf Swing – How the Right Techniques Can Boost Your Game

Everyone wants to learn golf swing techniques as quickly as they can, but keeping this mindset throughout the learning process may only leave you frustrated. Nothing of great achievement ever comes easily, and the perfect swing is no exception. If you want to learn golf swing techniques, you’ll have to learn them the right way.

Wilson Golf Clubs – Historically Proven

One of the most endearing and history filled companies that manufacture golf equipment is Wilson Golf. Right from the get go, when the company started out, it already made a mark in the golfing community by being one of the pioneers in releasing the sand wedge. From there, the sky was the limit for this company which, even today, still manufacture their Wilson Golf Clubs that are loved by many.

Best Golf Swing – How to Swing Like a Pro

In golf, the scores you get are directly proportional to how good your best golf swing is. Unfortunately, most people take a long while to get a good golf swing going. Many give up the game early. To keep this from happening to you, remember that getting your best golf swing going means practice — and lots of it.

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