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What is the Proper Golf Grip?

There are a number of things that effect your game but the grip is often something that is over looked and also something that the average golfer is reluctant to change. Changing your golf grip will improve your scores.

Best Golf Balls Or No Best Golf Balls?

You will observe that every golfer carries his own view about best golf balls. It is not necessary that balls having a high price are best and neither is it is necessary that balls that are said to be good in some experts’ review are the best.

Drive the Golf Ball Straighter With Our Driving Tips

The golf driver is one of the most important clubs in the bag. Our golf driving tips will help with straighten your drives and put more balls in the fairway. Driving the ball is important because it sets the tone for the entire hole. It’s hard to birdie the hole with a slice out of bounds. Below are some tips to help you hit your driver longer and straighter.

Golf Wear In Designer Clothing

Still the comfort is the most vital factor in choosing golf clothing without compromising ones fashion statement. It is because the garments worn will actually affect every swing of the golfer’s take.

Taylor-Made Putters – The Choice Made by Most

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have both beauty and quality in a single golf club? Let’s face it, most of the time it’s impossible to get these two things in a single merchandise. This is especially true for golf clubs because you can’t really make them too beautiful and sacrifice their performance.

Golf Ball Comparison – Find the Perfect Golf Ball For Your Game in 3 Steps

Arguably, golf enthusiasts focus more on the drivers, putters and irons as the most important facets of the game. Sadly, this means that another important part of the game is overlooked – the golf ball. Learn what you need to know about this ignored but integral component of the game…

Are We Having Fun Yet? Why is Golf So Difficult?

A popular belief about the game of golf is that it is easy. And certainly when the professionals are seen on television it does indeed appear manageable. The beginner reads the magazine ads and innocently may say: “I think I will take up golf.

Different Types of Leather Golf Bags

There are basically two things why every golfer wants to have one of those leather golf bags. It is for their fashion and durability. There is no denying that leather is one of those few materials that never grow old nor run out of style.

Simple Golf Instruction – Swing Sequence

Many people believe that to hit a golf ball properly, all you need to do is step up, and swing. This might be a successful approach for some people, but most people need a little bit more instruction. The golf instruction swing sequence is actually a very complicated series of events. Here is a brief, and simple description of what goes into a properly hit golf ball.

Getting Rid of a Golf Swing Slice

Have you ever hit your drive perfectly down the center of the fairway, and within moments, the perfectly hit ball begins to veer off to the side? A golf swing slice can be a very disheartening aspect of any golfers game. And what’s worse, is that it can make you develop many bad habits if you do not know how to fix your problem.

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