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Effective Golf Putting Tips

Putting is the most important part of the game because of how much time is spent on the final stages of each hole. Of all the clubs in your bag, the putter is the one you will be using the most. It’s very important to learn and master putting, without this skill you won’t reach your full potential.

Golf Swing Tips – Five Tips to Make Your Swing a Perfect Swing For Duffers

Discover how to turn your swing into a perfect golf swing. Do you know what the perfect swing looks like? Or feels like? Learn to pattern your swing after the components of the perfect swing and improve your ball striking today.

Putting Tips – Five Tips to Discover Your Dominant Putting Hand For Duffers

Are you missing makeable putts? Darn frustrating isn’t it? Better putting means lower scores. Learn how this simple test can transform your putting into a dependable part of your golf game. You will be making more putts from everywhere on the green. Make birdie more often with this putting tip.

Is Your Golf Club Shaft Important?

You’ve now decided to start playing golf. You obviously need a set of golf clubs. But have you decided what golf shaft you need?

The Golf Swing – Your Divot Tells a Story

When amateurs watch the pros play golf on television, they see that all of the best players in the world take divots when they hit an iron shot, especially a high iron shot. Then, they try to emulate them on the course, but do not get the desired results. Why?

Golf Swing Speed, the Lunge and Twist Style

To have the correct Golf swing speed is a much coveted golfing principle as it works to win very lucrative golf tournaments, from the Master, PGAs to European tournaments. But the problem with many would be great golfers is, they look for the speed in expensive drivers and some untested and biased golfing instructions that really will never help. These folks actually need to change direction and concentrate on the center of power to enact the perfect golf speed. And the question, therefore is, what is this golf speed center of power? And the answer is; a golfer’s own body.

Golf Swing Practice – Get to Perfect Your Golf Swing in Practice

More often than not golfers get to the golf course aiming to improve on their swing through a tight and strict golf swing practice formula. When the time of leaving the ground comes calling, they are exhausted having struggled to perfect on their swing. But instead of improving their skills regarding the golf swing, it becomes much worse.

Golf Swing Plane – Achieving the Best Swing Plane in Golf Swing

The golf swing plane is not as difficult as it seems. Taking an example of weight swinging on a string, if the hand is tilted to the left, the weight swings to the left, if it’s tilted to the right, the weight swings to the right. Having the hand not tilted in either way, the weight swings downwards.

Golf Swing Tips – How to Hit a Fairway Wood High Or Low For Duffers

Your drive has found the fairway on a par five leaving you within 235 yards of the green. Don’t lay up. Learn to handle the fairway wood shot like a pro. You will save a precious stroke or two by reaching more par fives in two and enjoying the thrill of putting for eagle. Learn all you need to pull off this shot today.

The Importance of Having a Good Golf Shoe

The importance of having a good golf shoe can never be overemphasized. Golf is one of such sports where the quality of sports apparel that you have gives you a significant edge over others. A good golf shoe is one of such apparels that indeed gives a golfer a significant edge during the course of a game play.

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