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How Can Golf Swing Training Aids Help Your Putting?

For the past few months, Ryan has been having a difficult time with his putting. This is frustrating to many golfers and over time can be rather disappointing. Sometimes, Ryan has a great hole but then when it comes to putting, he totally bombs it. It’s as if the putter is working against him instead of helping him. When this is the case, he is usually over on strokes.

Golf Practice Tips – Practice Your Golf Swing With a Purpose

Golf requires mental and physical attributes to successfully play. There is a saying “practice makes perfect”, well that is partially true. If you desire perfection, you should choose another game. In golf, there is no such thing as perfection. The correct statement would be perfect practice makes perfect.

Golf Beginner Free Tips That Even a Child Can Use

Golf is a wonderful game that gives you a lot of relaxation and improves your concentration. Hence I would advice all to play golf. If you are going to start playing now, of course you would need some tips. Here are a few that will help you all the way to play a great first game. No one would know if you are a first timer to golf.

Proper Way to Swing a Golf Club – Few Exciting Steps

If you are searching for some way to defeat your golf opponents, then you have come to the right place. Your search ends here. Being a professional golfer is not that difficult. If you know how to swing your club properly, then you can easily ace anyone in the game club house. Believe me, it is most important to swing the club properly and here is how you do it.

Hit the Target With Ease by Learning How to Drive a Golf Ball Straight

Your knowledge on how to drive the ball straight plays a major role in deciding whether you are a good golfer or not! Surprised? Yes. It is true that when you drive straight without any struggle with precision, believe me, you have bright future in golfing! But what are all the necessary things required to drive the ball straight in a game of golf? Here are some tips or suggestions that I think might help you in achieving a straight drive.

All Eyes on the Open – Thrills and Spills on the Famous Old Course at St Andrews

On 12th July, for a week, the eyes of the world will turn northwards to the famous Old Course at St Andrews for the Open Golf Championship. Here a review of this most revered of courses that golfers should not miss.

Improve Your Golf Game – Do Not Waste Your Time With Normal Practice, Thinking Or Equipment!

Most golfers want to improve their golf game, hit more consistent shots and knock strokes off their handicap quickly and easily, but the problem is that most golfers just do average without realising it. The word normal is very often just a nice way of saying average but the danger is that normal fools you into believing it is correct, whereas average, in terms of our own performance does not feel so good does it? Well it doesn’t for me anyway; I hate the thought of being average! How about you? Beware what is considered Normal!

Improve Your Golf Shots – You Must Know the 8 Second Rule

If you do not know about the short term memory function of the human mind as applied to the golf swing then you could be missing vital information that makes your practice swings almost pointless. The practice swing or shot rehearsal is hugely beneficial, you only have to watch the pro’s using it, but unless you know the 8 second rule then you may be negating its benefit by 30 to 100%!

Mental Game of Golf and Sport Psychology Training – Learn the Mind in Golf

“I like competing against competitors who have big egos. They leave too many stones unturned for fear of what they will find of themselves under them. I watch them in their bravado, out there in the crowd, full of performance excuses, as I hold the trophy high and look forward to my next lesson.” If the Mental game of golf, Golf Sport Psychology or the Mind in your game, is rated as massively important by the top athletes, it will cut shots off your handicap without swing changes no matter what you level. You can win or you can just be average amongst your peers.

How to Improve Your Chipping and Lower Your Golf Handicap

When you miss the green with your approach shot, and everyone does, even the best professionals, you can still get your par if you know how to chip the ball close. Here’s how to give yourself the best chance to do that when you’re just a few feet off the green.

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