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Improve Your Game of Golf – Know Thy Handicap

Golf can be a frustrating game for new and veteran players alike. Having a bad day on the golf course can be discouraging. Without knowing what your handicap is, how do you expect to improve your game of golf? With any sport, in order to improve you must know what you need to work on. Golf is no different. Take the time to record your scores and you will start to understand where you need help.

How to Choose a Putter

There are four factors that you have to look into before buying a putter. These four factors could determine if you get the putter that fits your needs the most or you get ripped off by a local store.

The Indispensable Golf Putting Tip You Should Know

Getting hold of the perfect putting tips is actually one of the best things that can happen to any golf aficionado. That is why golf players all over the world crazing over this sport make it a point that they discover out of the ordinary tips on how they can possibly improve their skills and therefore, eventually excel in every game of golf they play.

Wairakei Golf Course Has Created A Bird Sanctuary Inside Their Top New Zealand Golf Course

Is this the first ecological golf course in the world? Golfers now play alongside native and exotic birds in a natural environment.

New To Golf?

Now that you have shown interest in playing golf you need to remember one thing “Golf learning requires time, discipline and practice”. Before hitting your actual play you must have an idea of how to select the ball and clubs that suits your style and how strong or weak your grip should be. You also need to work on your swing movements to avoid slicing, hooking and achieve the highest shot and tees. You may feel annoyed and frustrated at first, because of wrist, hips and knees injury. All you need is to stick to the rules and tips. Work on your body positioning and not to forget that your game needs time and practice.

Golf Clubs – How To Get The Right One!

There are numerous benefits of mastering the art of choosing the right golf club for you, ascending to a higher level of skill being one of them. And to help you attain all those benefits, we have come up with a list of helpful tips and facts that are given to us by professional golf players and instructors along with the surveys conducted by top brands users and have compiled them on one page in the shape of an article just for you! So read this article and you will be all set to go to a golf clubs store and get the perfect golf club to add perfection to your game!

How To Select Golf Clubs For Ladies

Are you a lady looking to purchase some good golf clubs? Well we have good news for you as we will be helping you in selecting the right golf club. We understand that with the advancement of time, ladies are getting more and more inclined towards this sport. And in order to have the ultimate fun in a game, a person should have right equipments. There aren’t any hard and fast rules about choosing golf equipments but again, there are some real good ones and some real bad ones.

Skills You Should Know In Playing Mental Golf

There is a misconception with people who play golf. I always have thought that golf is a game where the goal is to simply shoot the ball in the hole with only a few strokes as possible. It is a leisure game only enjoyed by rich suburbanites as their means of relaxation and past time. My mistaken notions all evaporated when I got to experience playing in an 18-hole golf course. During this game, I already have heard about Mental Golf.

Golf Tips For Women Golfers

For a female golfer to feel comfortable and capable while on the golf course, she will need to get into ladies golf apparel and have the right golfing equipment. A wide assortment of female golfing apparel and clubs is available in retail stores and online. Today, progressively more ladies are taking up golf, and to obtain the best outcome they need the proper golfing clubs.

Can a Better Golf Training Swing Technique Help?

Most people don’t even remember where they learned their golf training swing. They may have had lessons from their dad or grandpa or maybe even took a few lessons at the local golf course. But if you haven’t had a golf training swing lesson in a while, then you may be missing out on a very important part of the game.

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