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Jack Nicklaus is Number One in Golf History For Milestone 70th Birthday Year!

Since Tiger Woods joined the PGA Tour in 1997, his ultimate and maybe only real goal was to tie and then beat the record of the greatest golfer who ever lived, Jack Nicklaus. He may still accomplish this feat but he has a longer and more difficult road ahead as he has allowed himself to succumb to the many temptations and pleasures of super stardom.

Tips For Buying Women’s Golf Clubs

Women love to play most of the sports that men enjoy. Lately due to the popularity of golf many women have become interested in learning the game. On average a woman’s swing is not as fast or powerful as a man’s, as a result there are golf clubs that are more suited for women.

Designing Golf Courses For Playability

Many golf courses, built in recent years, are too hard for the average golfer. There is no reason for this to be the case. It is not that difficult to design a course that is reasonably challenging for the best golfers without it being sheer torture for the average to poor golfer.

How to Hit a Golf Ball With Backspin

Want to get more spin from your wedges? There are 3 variables that will tell you how much spin you will get from your wedges.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Second Hand Golf Clubs

Finding good second hand golfing equipment is not always an easy mission. So take some time to think about the following before you commit to buying second hand equipment, and you will save yourself some problems later on.

Golf Swing Trainer Clubs – How You Can Learn to Hit Down For Pure Iron Shots For Duffers

You can hit iron shots like the pros! Don’t you think for a minute that you’ll need to spend hours and hours on the range and hundreds with a pro to do it either. Discover how this ingenious golf swing trainer club can have you hitting crisp, pure irons shots in no time at all. Get the secret to pure iron shots today.

Eight Guaranteed Ways to Improve Your Golf

The prime rule of good golf is: Be at peace with the shot you’re about to hit. If you read no further down the list than this, I guarantee you’ll shoot a lower score next time out.

Golf Slicing Problems

Golfing the right way takes a lot of skill, practice, and time. You need to have the right technique down if you want to be any good. A common problem people have with golfing is the grip.

How to Tap Into Your Golf Confidence Zone

Have you ever got yourself lost even when you thought you knew the way? In other words, you had a mental map of how to get to a particular place because you’ve been there before, and yet the next time you attempted to get there you got yourself lost. You had good intentions, you were positive, and confident, but you didn’t seem to understand your mental map well enough.

How to Measure Your Putting Ability

To get better at something, it helps to be able to measure it to see where improvement can be made. One aspect of golf that can be quite precisely measured is putting. Here are some ways you can assess your putting, from simple to complex.

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