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Water Misters – The Perfect Golf Accessory to Lower Your Score and Enjoy Your Round

Have you ever played golf when it is so hot that you don’t mind hitting it into the trees just to get some shade? A personal water mister is the perfect golf tool to have in your bag to keep you cool this summer on the golf course and help you score better.

How to Putt For a Better Golf Score!

How do you rate your golf game, great when practicing on the green? But ineffective when under pressure competing in a match or tournament?

The Golfers Mental Game Training – 4 of 4 – Your Golf is a Reflection of Your Own Self Image

Show me the golfer and I will show you the person. Play a round of golf with someone and if you look carefully they are revealing their own self-image of themselves not only as a golfer, but as a person off the course too. Are you in control of your own self-image and what you achieve in golf and life or are you not sure?

The Golfer’s Mental Game Training – 1 of 4 – Get Control of Your Golf Emotions For Mental Toughness

If you can control your emotions around the golf course and stay focused and confident, calmly going about your business even in the face of annoying opponents, a bad swing or an unlucky bounce, how much more would you enjoy golf? How much better would you play if you were mentally tough? Mental toughness is not just for an elite few, anyone can learn The mental Game of Golf and Get Tough Today.

Drills to Improve You Putting, Chipping, and Pitching

When you’re on the putting green practicing before you tee off time one of my favorite things to do is to pick a hole and try to make a putt from about two feet away with three other balls in my pocket. Once I make a putt from 2 feet I move back to three feet, and once I make one from three feet I move back to four feet, so on and so forth.

Can Meditation Really Improve Your Game of Golf?

Try playing a round with some Buddhist Monks and see. In its purest form, golf can be termed meditation in action.

Does Golf Muscle Memory Exist? Can You Train Your Golf Muscles For a Consistent Swing?

Let me ask you a question. Can you tie your own shoe laces? (Or think of any other task you learned to do.) Can you remember back to when you were a little tot just learning about the big world and all those really frustrating tasks you needed to learn?

Pine Valley Golf Course of Clementon, New Jersey

Mention “Pine Valley” to any serious group of golfers and no explanation is needed. Pine Valley in its number one spot as the very top golf course in the United States and indeed the world. This said, it is often stated by the most experienced and determined golfers that if there is a more difficult golf course to be played anywhere in the world, then these golfing aficionados would not want to know about it,or have the distinct pleasure of being offered to play that set of golfing links.

Golf Visualisation Exercises to Improve Performance – Do They Work?

Imagination is more powerful than knowledge according to Albert Einstein and he knew a thing or two. There is not a single thing on this earth, that by man’s hand is made, which was not first conceived in their imagination. What the human mind can conceive and then believe, it can achieve. What do the top athletes in any sport have in common? Do they use imagination and visualisation extensively? You want to believe it!

Shopping For What Fits to a Tee

There is nothing more rewarding that taking in some action on the course as a break from long hours in the office. Feeling the warm sun on one’s back, smelling the sweetness of the grass, and hearing that special “ping” that only golf clubs on golf balls can make all melt away the stress of a busy day.

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