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Golf Shoes and How They Effect Your Performance

Golf Shoes: what should I buy? Is a question every golfer should ask themselves. In this article I try and give a few tips on what type of shoe will affect your game the most.

Getting the Right Distance From Your Golf Clubs

Judging which golf club to use for a specific situation is no easy task. Here is a step by step guide to getting your distance right every time and improving your golf scores.

The Inside Out Golf Swing

We often hear on the course or the range that our swing should be “inside out”. The concept doesn’t necessarily refer to the swing as a whole, but rather to the swing path the club face takes just before and slightly after impact. In this article, we cover the basics of the inside out golf swing path and a few pointers on how to achieve it.

The Continuing Mystery of Ben Hogan’s Secret

It discusses known elements and provides a summary of what we know about it, as well as some of the prevailing speculation about what the secret was. Sixty three years ago this spring a golfer experienced the breakthrough of a lifetime.

Beginning Golf – How to Maintain Concentration

By its nature a round of golf is a time consuming affair. Golf is a brilliant sport but maintaining concentration for 4 hours or more can be very difficult. How many of us have found that our concentration waives on the 11th hole and we lose the lead we had! I have tried to gather together some great advice I have been given.

Improve Your Golf Swing With Exercise

We walk for 6 kilometers or more at a time around a golf course, sometimes in the blazing sun and we wonder why when we get back to the club house we are totally exhausted. If we were playing football we would exercise, then why not with golf?

How to Hit Long Irons – The Lost Art of the Long Iron Shot

While I think that hybrids are great for the average golfer, often times long irons can still play a vital role in your golf game. There are many instances where having a 3 or 4 iron in your bag will serve you better than a hybrid club or fairway wood. I was recently talking with a gentleman who used to play the PGA tour back in the days of Nicklaus and Watson and he said what those guys could do with longer irons was tremendous. Here I am going to tell you why you need long irons and how to hit long irons effectively.

The Real Secret to the Ben Hogan Golf Swing

Since the Ben Hogan golf swing at this point in his life was already fundamentally sound because of all those years of tireless practice, there was no need for him to think about his swing while under the extreme pressures of major championship golf. Hogan started to trust his golf swing out on the golf course and eliminated all those mechanical thoughts preventing him from entering the winner’s circle more often.

Trouble Shots – Learn the Secret to Side Hill Lies For Duffers

Uncover the simple secrets to successfully executing these most troubling of trouble shots. Discover why duffers struggle with side hill lies and learn how to make the necessary adjustments to play these shot with ultimate confidence every time. Your foursome will be amazed.

Improve Your Golf Swing – Review

There are loads of products out there that claim to teach you how to Improve your Golf Swing. We have reviewed 5 of these for your information. If you want to improve your swing then you need one of these.

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