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Improving Iron Play – How to Hit Crisp Iron Shots Time After Time

I know that one of the main concerns for many golfers is improving iron play. Their is nothing more frustrating than being good at driving and putting, yet not being able to hit crisp iron shots. The good news is that with a few minor swing changes you are going to be able to hit your irons better than you ever have in your entire life!

Hit Longer Drives With These 3 Powerful Tips

So what do you think is the most common question that golfers ask? If you answered how do I hit longer drives then you are right! The great thing about golf is that you can literally get better very quickly if you know what to practice and understand how it will improve your game. Here I am going to share with you 3 tips that you can practice right not in order to hit the ball further off of the tee.

Golf – Learn to Play

Many people see golf and think it looks pretty simple, hit the ball and try to get it in the hole, but it’s really a lot harder than it looks. Golf is a game of both power and precision, hitting a ball 300 yards and landing it where you want it takes years of practice.

Beginning Golf – What Do ‘Out’ and ‘In’ Mean

When you start out playing golf there are lots of terms and rules that you will need to learn. Scoring and keeping a score card is an integral part of the game and if done incorrectly could mean that you are disqualified from the competition. So what do ‘Out and ‘In’ mean when they appear on the scorecard?

How to Shoot Under 80 – 3 Tips to Help You Break 80 Each Time You Tee it Up!

Breaking 80 can be a challenge for almost any golfer. Did you know that if you learn to shoot under 80 on a consistent basis then you will be better than 95% of golfers worldwide? It’s true! The average golfer does not even break 90, and most golfers will never even come close to breaking 80. However, if you are willing to use these three tips I am about to share with you then you will be shooting in the 70s in no time!

Golf Swing Coaching

Why it is vital to learn the correct golf swing for you. How bad habits form bad drives. Relaxing with your golf swing. Golf swing set up and why it is so important for accuracy.

Target Centered Golf

Defining what makes a golf player. Why can I not hit the middle of the fairway every time. What can I do to help me concentrate more. Targeting the key points of my golf.

Studying the Golf Swing

Searching for extra distance in my golf drives. Why can I not hit the ball with more accuracy. Learning a golf swing method that suits me.

Golf Swings For Beginners

Correcting bad golf swings from the beginning. Getting rid of bad swing habits. The proper way to learn the best golf swing for you.

Strength Training For Golfers – The Importance of Letting Go of Past Misconceptions on Working Out!

Are you a golfer that has a real desire to improve your game? Are you currently participating in a well-structured strength and conditioning program? If not, then you need to allow yourself a minute to read this article to learn about the missing link in your golf game!

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