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Golf Putting Tips – 3 Huge Mistakes Most Golfers Make When Putting

Are these 3 huge golf putting mistakes the reason for your high handicap? Read this article to find out.

The Path to Better Golf

Great accuracy and determination is called for when you are playing a shot of golf just short of the green. This will make for better golf. Practice these vital approach shots, which open up the prospect of a birdie every time they are properly judged and correctly executed. Read this informative article to find out how to play these approach shots, play in heather, and how to correctly play the bunker shot.

Learn the Correct Golf Backswing

Did you know that to commence a good backswing in golf, you need to start the club straight back from the ball for twelve to eighteen inches using only the hands and the arms, keeping the club-face and the hands SQUARE to the line with no rolling of the forearms or turning of the wrists? Read this article to learn how to hold the forearm and wrists, and what to do with your feet. A competent backswing is essential if you are to play a good game of golf.

Why Would You Even Think of Shortening the Backswing?

The simple reason you would shorten the back swing is to figure out where you are going wrong as you take the club back. You could for example shorten it to your hips, just take the club back to the hips and then start the downswing.

Do You Really Want to Improve Your Golf Swing?

The first thing you need to do to improve your golf swing is understand what it is you are doing wrong. This will help you to focus on the problem and understand why this problem is occurring.

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