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Finding Deals on Discount Golf Equipment

If you are an avid golfer then you most likely would be very interested in buying new discount golf equipment. It is fairly common for golfers to purchase new equipment on a regular basis whether it’s new golf clubs or new golf balls.

How to Improve Your Golf Swing Without Spending Any Money

This article covers tips to try correct certain problems in your swing and suggests the best way to practice golfing. This article is great good for thought and a must read for all golfers.

How to Lower Your Golf Score

Lets face it, no one wants to be bad at any sort of sport that they play. When someone takes a new sport they inherently want to be good at it, that is simply a natural human way to behave. Golf is certainly a sport that is played all around the world for both business and pleasure. Here are some tips that you should consider when trying to lower your golf score.

Cheap Golf Shoes – How to Buy Quality Golf Shoes at a Discount

Need a new pair of golf shoes? We’ll there is a way to get ‘good quality’ golf shoes at ‘cheap’ prices. Here’s what to look out for.

Can You Just Use Golf Visualisation Techniques at Home to Improve Performance on Course? Yes – Fact

Structured mental practice routines are now commonly used by top performers in every field of endeavour, from business to sports. If you aren’t doing it then you are missing a magical way to practice and achieve real results without physically having to practice.

Stop Hitting it Fat

If you catch the ball little bit thin, you can still get a shot out of it. The ball will go fairly straight, and while you won’t get all the distance you expected, it’s still a playable shot.

Come on Lady Golfers of Bedfordshire!

When it comes to county golf, Bedfordshire is at a bit of a disadvantage in that there are only 23 golf clubs in the county and as such, this limits the number of golfers available for selection to the county teams. Near neighbors Hertfordshire have over 70 clubs! Nevertheless Bedfordshire battles on and are willing to compete with the best.

Pitching Off Tight Lies

The pros say a bunker shot is the easiest shot in golf, but they would probably get an argument from all the recreational golfers who have such a hard time with it. I don’t think anyone will disagree, though, that the scariest shot in golf is a pitch off a tight lie. While it is a shot to be respected, it’s not a shot to be feared if you know what you’re doing.

Golf Visualisation is a Vital Element of Any Pre Shot Routine to Program Your Mind For Shot Success

Pre shot routines are the backbone of a solid swing and fundamental if you want any kind of consistency in your game. It is the container that holds everything together and without it you are prone to inconsistencies in both your physical and mental setup for each shot.

How Golf Visualisation Works to Program Your Unconscious For Success in Your Game Or Anything Else

Remember this little gem of information. Your self-image is the governor of what you achieve and you cannot consistently outperform your own internal image of yourself. DO you want to break through and get to the next level but just can’t seem to get there? You need to reprogram your self-image and some pretty amazing things are going to happen which will have you feeling very proud of yourself and smiling from ear to ear!

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