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How to Sink Short Putts Every Time

If you would rather hit a six-foot putt than a three-footer, an important part of the game has become too difficult for you. An easy shot has become a hard one. But there is hope. If you practice short putts the right way, you’ll get so good it might be next year before you miss another one.

How to Analyze a Golf Course to Shoot a Lower Score

If you play a certain golf course frequently, you should know its ins and outs. You should know the best way to maneuver the ball around each hole. That gives you the best chance to shoot a low score because you’ll be choosing the right shot.

TaylorMade Drivers For 2010 – Great News For Golfers

What’s new from TaylorMade in 2010? TaylorMade drivers have long been a favorite among players on the PGA tour and among duffers as well. This year, their R9 series of drivers are bringing to golf a new set of technologies that are not just for pros, but can change your game as well.

Choosing the Right Golf Driver For You

With so many golf drivers available in the market today are you are left clueless short listing the right kind of golf driver for you? Right now it turns out that you need not necessarily go hunting around in discount golf equipment shops to get good value, since even the branded drivers are currently available for very reasonable rates.

Exotic Wood Golf Putters

Spring is here, time to break out of the winter doldrums. It’s time once again to hit the links for those of us not lucky enough to live in Florida or any other of the nice and warm states. Whether you are lucky enough to be able to golf year round or have to fire it up again every spring, a custom made wood putter will make you the talk of the course.

Golf Courses Bring Peacefulness

Golf courses in Michiana are made to appease the most demanding of golf pros. With many golfers traveling from nearby urban environs, golf courses in Indiana are kept according to very strict regulations, ensuring a tranquil, beautiful golf game.

Your Motorised Golf Trolley

While everyone else is extracting chunky, protruding golfing paraphernalia that looks like it might need a mortgage to finance, you gingerly pull out a tattered old golf bag filled with clattering clubs. If only you had a motorised golf trolley.

Natural Golf Swing – Construct the Perfect Natural Golf Swing – Tiger Woods Good

Do you want to learn how to get the natural golf swing? Having a good proper golf swing technique is the most important aspect in a golf game. In order for you to have the best swing you must follow the proper technique and guidance. Read more and learn how you can improve your swing which will give you the best foundation in your games to come.

New Golf Putting Instruction

When it comes to putting, most golfers putt well to some degree, but unfortunately most golfers (even tour pros) don’t putt consistently well every time they step onto the golf course. Once you understand what balances a putting stroke, you can walk up to every putt confident that you will make every putt, or at least end up very close to the hole for an easy tap-in if you miss.

How Do Improve My Golf Swing?

An improved golf swing can lead to greater distances, high accuracy and ultimately moving from hole to hole using the least number of strokes. It also means getting greater consistency in your swing because some players have the problem that they can actually make a powerful and accurate swing but their technique means that half the time they make a lousy swing.

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