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Golf Yourself To Sleep

Forget about counting sheep jumping over the fence in an attempt to get off to sleep. What I do is I play a round of golf. I know, it’ s a bit sad really, but it not only seems to take me off to those luscious, verdant, undulating 18 holes in the sky somewhere, fast asleep, but it appears to be beneficial for my real golf game as well.

Golf Carts – Some Things About It!

So if you want to buy, let’s say gas golf carts, there are some advantages over the electric golf cart for sure. Gas golf carts provide lot more power and are more suitable to exterior surrounds where disturbance is not such a big problem.

Golf Tips 101 – How to Hit It 300 Yards

This article is part of a section of articles that give some nice golf tips that will help your golf game. I recommend going out and practicing these and including some in your warm up and regular golf game.

Golf Chipping Technique – Tips to Improve Golf Chipping for Beginners

Even great professional golfers will often miss the green in their longer strokes with the ball landing just outside the greens. For a golf beginner, it is therefore useful to learn the right golf chipping technique to excel in the short game of chipping the golf ball from just outside the putting green surface. Hence, if you are novice golfer, there are a few tips you should know to help to guide you into improving your chipping technique.

Train Your Golf Swing for Big Distance

This article is centered around training your golf swing to get some huge 300 yard distance. With the game of golf, distance is key. If you are able to hit a great tee shot, that sweet tee shot will leave you closer to the hole for your second shot.

Choosing a Golf Resort for Corporate Entertainment

If you’re looking to entertaining current or prospective clients, you may wish to explore the option of visiting a golfing resort. Here are five steps to choosing a golf resort that’ll make a big impression on your clients.

Last Minute Golf Tips to Hit the Ball in Right Direction

Everyone wants to lower their golf score and looking for last minute golf tips but all these things are not much easy. Behind every perfect golf shot continues practice involves and that makes you expert golfer.

Understanding Golf – Golf Basics for Beginners

While most novice golfers simply started playing golf for the fun of it, a knowledge and understanding of the game of golf will add greater pleasure of playing the game. An introduction to some golf basics for beginners of how golf is played and the rules of the game will go a long way in helping the novice golfer starting on the exciting game of golf.

Six Steps to a Good Golf Swing

Regardless of how experienced you are in the game or how long you have had that wicked slice, you still can develop a good golf swing. Bad habits are meant to be broken and even though your swing may feel awkward while you are correcting it, the more consistent that you are with your practice, the faster it will begin to feel natural.

Things to Consider When Correcting a Slice

While you may feel frustrated and like your game is hopeless, there are easy ways to go about correcting a slice. A good majority of golfers have a hard time with this issue that has a devastating impact on overall scores but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fixed.

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