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Tips to Become a Better Golf Player

One always has to be on the look out for a free golf tip to better their game. It does not matter whether one is a learner and new to the game or a professional golfer, as both have the need to improve themselves.

Synthetic Golf Greens – How to Pick the Right One

Synthetic Golf Greens can help improve your skills as a golfer. You do not have to stay at the golf course all the time in order to get a good practice. You can readily opt for synthetic golf greens. Read on for more information.

Benefits of Playing on Private Golf Courses

Bewilderment exists between a private golf course and a country club golf course that permits only members of that club to play. A number of resorts and inns have their personal golfing amenities on which only those residing at the resort are greeted; sometimes though, they do permit a visitor to accompany their guests.

Is Timing a Crucial Fundamental of Your Golf Swing?

How important is timing your golf swing in order to produce maximum results? Golf swing speed or timing is what allows you to manage accuracy and control of your golf shot. The biggest point to make about swing speed is that it’s the energy that produces your power to hit it a long ways.

Is Phil Mickelson is Ready For # 1 Slot in Golf?

After winning The Masters a few weeks back, Phil Mickelson has emerged once again as the ace golfer he was predicted to be early in his career, some 15 years ago and it appears he may be ready to take possession of the # 1 spot. His victory at The Masters in 2004 and 2006 got a major monkey off his back as he was winless in the major golf tournaments up until that point.

Golf Tips – Golf Clubs, Bags and More

Do you have a low par and are you really blaming your equipment – bag, clubs etc? Well, no matter the time you spend practicing at your local club or watching golfing videos you will not advance your game with defective golf equipment, this is a fact.

Tips to Help You Play Golf Better

Whether you play golf for recreational, professional or business reasons, it is good to learn some few things that can help you to play better golf. The bottom line of playing golf is to win and whatever reason you are playing golf, you do not want to be seen as a novice.

Short Game Tips – Best Way to Lower Your Scores is a Better Short Game and Putt Better

Find out how putting can help your entire short game shaving 7 to 12 strokes with putting alone. Chipping, pitch shots, everything can improve with a better putting stroke and putting game.

Design Considerations For Custom Clubs

Successful golfers don’t seek out a custom clubmaker to find inexpensive clubs, although they may well be a bargain. Custom clubmakers build clubs that are designed and built to fit the unique specifications of an individual golfer.

Mickelson Masters Augusta As Cinderella Story Has a Happy Ending – April 2010

One picture says it all as Phil Mickelson wins this years Masters in dramatic style. During his final golf round on Sunday he shot a bogie free 67, not an easy task for any golfer. Last year I wrote about my disappointment in the major golf tournaments as golf ‘s greatest players were never able to close the deal during the final round. If this tournament is any indication of what is to come this season I think we may be in for the best year in competitive golf that we’ve seen in a long while.

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