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Electric Golf Trolley or Gas Golf Trolley: Which One to Buy

Do you have confusion about which golf trolley to choose? Price, efficiency, usability, requirement etc etc are few factors that keeps rolling in the mind before making the choice of golf trolley. Lets make a conclusion based on certain factors.

3 Ignored Yet Important Factors for Buying a 3-Wheel Golf Push Trolley

Looking for push golf trolley? Here are some of my review about a 3 wheel golf push trolley. Push golf trolleys are cheaper than other electronic / battery operated models, even though they are easier to use. Lets analyse the factors to consider while making push trolley the option.

How To Work The Golf Ball Right to Left and Left to Right

Is it important to be able to work the golf ball from right-to-left or left-to-right? Well, I say yes. Being able to control the golf ball is essential to becoming a better golfer. It has been said that the hardest ball to hit is the straight ball. Well, if this is true then you should definitely understand what makes the ball curve and how you can control the direction and amount of curve.

Why Average Golfers Are Not Improving

Technology has provided us with more insight into the golf swing and how it affects the flight of the golf ball than we have ever had before. With these technological breakthroughs, we are able to identify what we need to do to perform at higher levels of performance. It has also changed some of the ways we think about how the clubface and swingpath affects the direction and curvature on the golf ball. The erroneous thinking of the past had to be revisited and re-evaluated.

Wilson Prostaff HL Chipper Review

If you’re one of those players that reaches for your putter when you’re 10 yards away from the green (including myself at one stage) then adding a chipper to your bag could be the solution for you. The Wilson Prostaff HL Chipper looks like a half mallet/heel toe putter with the face tilted at an angle of 35 degrees.

Why Are So Many Weekend Golfers Aiming Right?

A large majority of the golfers I see on the weekends tend to aim well right of the target line. Most of them are trying to hit a draw, but I guess some don’t know they are aligned to the right. Why do Most Golfers Want To Hit A Draw?

SKLZ Quickster Golf Range Hitting Net Review

I’ve always looked at hitting nets, but have never really purchased one. I received the SKLZ Quickster Golf Range Hitting Net as a gift. Overall, I have been very satisfied with it. It is quick and easy to setup. It took me less than five minutes to set it up. I set it up in my garage. This net has allowed me to hit balls as many times as I like, without having to go to the driving range.

Why Physical Conditioning Is The Key To Playing Better Golf

Many golfers believe that being in good physical condition will help their golf game. This is exactly why many golfers are beginning to include workout sessions regularly in their weekly activity. This is not just beneficial to your golf game, but excellent for your health and well-being. Practicing, by itself, is no longer enough to reach your full potential in golf.

2 Home Use Tools for Testing Dead Lead Acid Golf Trolley Batteries

Do you have questions about golf trolley batteries? Lead Acid batteries and lithium batteries are the two options you often come up while looking for your golf trolley. Many reviews state lithium are far more good than the other. Is it true? Lets take a look.

What Can Lead to the Death of Lithium Golf Trolley Batteries

Lithium batteries are now one of the best options for the golfers. They have many good qualities that override the other golf trolley batteries. Even then we often face problems. There are many reasons. Lets learn some of the causes that makes lithium batteries dead.

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