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Common Traits of All the Great Putters

When we analyze the putting techniques on some of the great putters throughout history, you would think at least most of them would have something in common. The only thing you might be able to take away is that they all have amazing powers of concentration, and of course to be a great putter that almost goes without saying. But as far as a common putting technique, they range all over the board in putting style.

4 Simple Things You Can Do To Play Golf Better

There are four simple things that can cut five or more strokes from your golf game. What can you do to shoot a lower score and become a better golfer? You have tried lots of different ways to play better golf, but nothing seems to stick. Taking lessons is not always the fix. The question becomes what can I do to shave strokes from my game and play better golf?

Why Distance Is Overrated In Golf!

Many golfers like to hit it long, bomb it off the tee, drive for show. They swing as hard as they can, but they just don’t have the distance. However, they still play from the same tee box as the longer hitters. They want to prove that they can play from there. It’s an ego thing and I understand. Frankly, I think distance is overrated for the average golfer.

How A Pre-Shot Routine Can Help You Cut 5 Or More Strokes From Your Next Round

There are a lot of golfers that just step up to their shot and hit it. There is no thought about how far to hit the shot, where to hit the shot, or what ball flight to use. They hit a wayward shot, get upset, and don’t enjoy the game as much as they would like to. You can play better golf by playing smarter golf and having a plan prior to hitting your shot. Play your best golf, even if you are under the pressure of competitive tournament golf.

Wilson 1200 CGI Complete Set Review

The Wilson CGI 1200 complete golf set is new for 2015, it comes with 11 clubs in total including a driver, 3 wood, 4 hybrid, 5 to Sand Wedge in irons and a putter. The set also comes complete with a stand bag and head covers for the driver, 3 wood and 4 hybrid.

Reviewing Ben Hogan’s Book on Golf Instruction

There have been some very good golfers, or for that matter great athletes who have been at the top of their game and regarded as the best in their sport. But for all of their ability they have trouble translating that success into a form that a novice in their field can grasp. That great golfer of the mid-20th century Ben Hogan was different.

What’s Causing My Slice and How Can I Eliminate It?

If you are like most right handed golfers you tend to hit the ball to the right with left to right or slice spin. You’ve tried all types of tips, tricks, and quick fixes, but nothing seems to cure your slice. You wish that you could eliminate your slice so you can become more consistent, play better golf, and have more fun.

Why Is Understanding My Ball Flight Important To Become A Better Golfer?

Are you similar to most golfers that are struggling to control the golf ball? You have been given lots of different tips and tricks to play better golf and control your golf ball, but nothing is working. Why can’t you learn to control the flight of your golf ball and become a better golfer?

How Understanding Your Swing Path Can Help You Play Better Golf!

There has been many recent technological breakthroughs in the golf swing. The latest use of technology has shown that the path that the golf club is swung on (swing path) only influences about 15%-20% of the golf ball’s direction.

The Ben Hogan Swing Secret and Can We Apply It?

Ben Hogan is one of the great golfers of all time and was one of the dominant professional golfers through the 40s and 50s. Though small in stature he is considered one of the great ball strikers in golf history, and even in his younger days competed in longest-drive contests. He also was alleged to have the “swing secret” that allowed him to hit the ball consistently, and to this day that secret has many theories as to its exact nature.

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