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How to Buy Golf Equipment

If you’ve never gone out and purchased golf equipment before, shopping around for the greatest equipment out there can be confusing and daunting. There are just so many kinds of products and services on the market to consider: tees, balls, shoes, shirts, clubs, training, drivers, woods, wedges, and putters, not to mention where you should golf (public or private) and how you should go about learning the game. The first thing you need to consider when selecting good equipment is how …

Cure a Slice and Enjoy Golf Again

Golf is meant to be enjoyed. But that can be difficult if you’re having to cure a slice. I’m sure early golfers had no idea how complicated golf would be as it progressed through the ages.

How to Prevent a Golf Slice – What Your Golf Glove Will Tell You About Your Slicing

How to prevent a golf slice is a question that many average golfers will ask. Even some golfers that routinely break 85 will struggle with a golf slice. I actually work with a guy that when I asked how good he was, he told me that he usually hits around mid to low eighties and then proceeds to tell me he slices.

Golf Specialty Shots – Learn the Magic of the Flop Shot For Duffers

Discover the secret to the making one of golf’s most challenging shots in seven easy steps. The flop shot will save you strokes and help lower your score. Don’t let on course obstacles raise your score unnecessarily. Learn the seven steps and with a bit of practice you will be amazing yourself and your playing partners with magical rescue shots around the green.

Golf Stance – Improve Your Stance For A Better Golf Swing

Are you trying to correct your golf stance to improve your swing? Keep reading to find out the proper golf stance.

How to Putt Better

To learn how to putt start by learning how to read the read. Determine whether the putt is uphill, down hill, or side hill. Then learn to determine the line you are going to putt. Always pick a spot in front of the ball that you want to roll the ball over. Next feel the speed you need to impart to the ball for the ball to roll and fall into the hole.

Keys to Better Putting

Do you want to lower the number of putts per round? Well you need to learn how to read the green, determine the line of the putt, and impart the right speed through the stroke. Putting seems easy but it is more about gathering data and translating that data into the putting stroke.

Correct Your Golf Slice

Learn three ways to correct your golf slice. Use these “tests” to improve your swing and shoot lower scores immediately!

Fixing a Golf Slice – Focus on and Fix These Five Parts of the Swing and Finally Stop Your Slice

Fixing a golf slice is easier to do when you focus on and fix each part of the golf swing. When I was looking to fix my slice I broke down my golf swing into five parts. I then examined each of the five parts to find out why I was slicing and then got help to fix my swing problems.

Popular Golf Putting Drills

Practice makes perfect, so the saying goes. So head out for golf putting practice to perfect your game. Popular putting drills you can do follow. Read about them, learn others and vary your training and practice, and you’ll find your build strength of multiple areas that way.

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