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Do You Need a Golf Swing Coach to Keep You Playing Consistently?

Why do I need a golf swing coach? Well, the simple answer is – you probably don’t. Unless you are a single figure handicap or professional player, you would normally get all the swing training you need from local teaching pro.

One of the Best Golf Practice Aids We Have at Our Disposal – The Driving Range

The often under-rated driving range is one of the best golf practice aids that we have available to us. Although it is called a ‘driving range’ it’s not all about tee-ing up balls and smashing them as hard as possible in an attempt to improve driving distance or accuracy. We can use this facility to much better effect.

Hit Driver Straighter – Trouble Controlling the Driver? Tips to Hit Straight Drives

The most common desire among golfers is to hit their driver straighter. Driving is not only great for show, but when you hit your driver well it makes every following shot easier. When you’ve learned how to hit a driver straight you’ll also find that the game gets even funner to play!

Golf Clubs and Tips For Getting Out of the Rough

Strategies and the right golf club will help you get your golf ball out of the rough. Playing a good game of golf takes skill, confidence and using a golf club that is customized for your body and handicaps is important. In the article you found suggestions for a club that will maximize your ability to get out of rough spots and also tips for particular situations.

Two Golf Putting Tips to Make Your Scorecard Look More Respectable

Most golf courses, if they are kept to a reasonable standard, will have an area set aside which can be used for putting practice. This is usually 9 – 12 holes cut into a large green, on which several golfers can practise at the same time.

Lowering Your Golf Handicap For Any Skill Level

How to play better golf. The different things you should know to help improve your game. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

Taylor Made Golf Clubs – Learn From the Pros

If it wasn’t for Taylor Made Golf Clubs, I don’t think my game would be where it is today. When you’re in the market looking for a set of golf clubs there’s many factors that come into play and many different variables that can effective your overall game in the types of clubs you select.

Discover in Your Golf Swing The Secret Magic Move That Golf Instructors Are Hiding

If I told you that there is a secret that most golf instructors will not tell you, and the reason they won’t is because they think you would never be able to do it, would that make you a tad bit angry. When I found out the truth I was very upset. In this article, I am going to let that cat out of the bag once and for all. Here is a hint, your golf swing has a center to it. If you keep the center, in the center and swing around it, you will have discovered what every good player already is doing. So read on and get the golf lesson of your life …free.

How to Improve Each Facet of Your Golf Game

The game of golf is composed of many facets. This article discusses each facet of the golf game and what you can do to improve each of these areas of your game.

Golf Swing – Putting

Whether you are a top player or beginner, putter that will be used most is the Putter. Even in the best evolutions of their top professional players used in the Putter average approximately 28 times per round. Since speed is very low, and the swing is very short, there was no reason not to be as valuable as professionals when putting reach. But for this you have to practice many hours a putting green. Be sure that the reward for time spent there will come in the end.

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