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How to Putt More Consistently

So how do you putt more consistently, well you need to do a few things but let’s start with the putter. You have to find a putter that you like, something that makes it feel like a friend, good to be with and hold a bit like your wife, partner or girlfriend! Seems obvious I know but I have met many people who when I ask “how do you like that putter” they say “well it’s ok but I am not sure I made more putts with my old one” so why did they change you may ask.

Hey Golfer – Improve Your Golf Swing

Your golf game can improve immensely with just one thing and one thing only and that is a simple mental adjustment. If you use your mind in this one way it will improve your golf swing.

4 of the Best Golf Putting Instructions to Help You Sink More Putts!

Every golfer goes through a stage in their golfing life when they could really use some helpful golf putting instructions. In a lot of people’s eyes putting is the single most frustrating part of the game.

Tips For Finding the Perfect Golf Fan Gifts and Golfing Sports Memorabilia

You know, some people seem to have everything… Truthfully, it can still be a bit difficult searching to find the perfect golf gifts. The reason is that many golf lovers are so into the sport, that there may be many unique golf gifts they have already possess.

Golf Rangefinder Buying Guides For Noobs

If like me you are a golfer who has a tough time guessing how far you may be from the green or even a place on the fairway where you would like to be, a golf range finder is the answer to the problem. These devices take the guesswork out of working out the range to your target and furnish you with an accurate measurement. A laser rangefinder utilizes a laser to make a precise measurement from your current position to your target spot; this may now be applied legally to help lower your handicap getting rid of the guesswork.

How to Buy a Golf GPS

Do you want to golf with an expert caddy at your side the next time you golf? Would you like to know the exact yardage to the hole anywhere your ball lands on the course you play?

Do You Know Where to Look For Used Golf Equipment?

In the past, the best places to find used golf equipment would be from brick and mortar shops that are holding a sale and from a neighbor’s garage sale. These days, it’s a lot easier to find them, thanks to the internet. However, there are still people who are not satisfied with what they’re seeing. If you’re one of them, either you’re just too picky or you are looking in all the wrong places. This article will get down to the basics of looking for used golf gear.

Will Reading Golf Training Reviews Improve Your Game?

I love to golf every chance I get, and I will spend at least one day a week on the course, either on my own or with friends or professional colleagues. One of the best aspects of golf is that it is a game that I am constantly trying to improve my skills and performance with, and that challenge is what keeps me coming back to the course over and over.

Are There Benefits to Reading a Golf Training Guide?

Many golfers have a strong dislike for cold winter months because the harsh winter weather in many locations keeps them off the course. While some golfers may complain that these long months are just wasted time in terms of golfing, I have found a way to make use of this time in a way that improves my game.

What Options Are Available For Step by Step Golf Swing Instruction?

John had been golfing for years and just couldn’t seem to get his swing right on a consistent basis. He thought that getting step by step golf swing instruction would help him to learn the proper mechanics of the swing, which would make his swing performance more consistent.

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