Hannah Cook puts TaylorMade’s new women’s clubs to the test

Do You Want to Play a Round of Golf, But You Can’t Walk 4 Miles – Then a Golf Cart May Be For You

Most golf courses are close to four miles in length. Do you feel up to walking that kind of distance dragging you full bag of clubs? If you’re like me you don’t just walk a straight line from tee to green. I, like most golfers, spend most of my entire game zigzagging the course from one rough to the other. Up until the 1960’s, most golf courses were played exclusively on foot. Golfers would carry their own bags, or pull them behind them on a pull cart. Most golfers were not fortunate enough to play at country clubs, where caddies were provided to carry the players’ clubs. Even if the caddy carried the bag for you you still had to walk the entire course.

Basic Golf Tips – How to Improve Your Game Instantly Without Changing Your Swing

There are a million basic golf tips online today, so why do so few players ever improve? Because they fail to do 1 simple step. Learn what it is and how to use it to immediately lower your scores.

Golf Stretching Exercises – Learn the Best Golf Stretches and the Ones to Avoid

There are many golf stretching exercises that will help instantly improve your game, and there are many that will hamper it. Learn the ones to focus on and avoid at all costs…

Golf Practice Net – 4 Wonderful Reasons For Having One

Ever wondered how useful and fun a home golf practice net is? Just how much enjoyment are they for the whole family? How inexpensive they are? In this article you will see just how much fun for the whole family and how useful for any golfer home golf hitting nets are!

Top Golf Driving Tips

When I first started golfing I automatically assumed if you wanted the ball to go farther and lower your score in the game you needed to work out and build more muscle. This is a common thought because if a person is stronger and can hit the ball harder, the ball will go farther and leave you closer to the pin, resulting in less strokes right?

Golf Iron Tips – How to Hit Solid Iron Shots in 3 Easy Steps!

The iron game is one of the most vital aspects of golf, because it is the link between the driver and the putter. While putting may be the easiest way to lower your scores, I can promise you that hitting more greens in regulation is going to improve your scores drastically. Here I am going to give you 3 golf iron tips that you can take to the course and start playing better golf right away.

All About Golf Clubs – There Are Three Types of Clubs That Should Be in Your Golf Bag

A good set of golf clubs is essential to every golfer. A set of clubs consists of woods, irons and a putter. According to the rules of golf, as set forth by the United States Golf Association (USGA), a golfer’s bag may hold 14 clubs. Most golfers will carry a driver, two fairway woods, 7 irons, 3 wedges and the putter.

Improve My Golf Game, Please! 3 Tips to Help You Shoot Lower Scores

People ask the question “how do I improve my golf game” on a daily basis. It is at the very core of golf, and golfers of all talent and ability levels want to get better. It is a burning desire that exists with every golfer whether they will mention it or not. Here I am going to give you three tips to shoot lower scores and play the best golf of your life!

Proper Golf Grip – Which Grip is the Best?

Having a proper golf grip is the difference between a good and bad shot. No matter how good your swing is, it won’t make up for a faulty grip.

Short Putt Nightmares – Six Simple Tips to Relieve the Pain

I don’t suppose that I’m alone when I say that over the years, short putts have been my Achilles heel on the golf course. It was the number of short, missed putts, which really ruined some of my rounds. My local Golf pro gave me a few putting pointers and I practised and found that a combination of what he had told me, together with what felt comfortable, really started to work for me on my short putts. These 6 Simple Tips really improved my short putting success rate.

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