Hank Haney dishes on coaching Tiger Woods and ‘The Big Miss’ controversy | Subpar Interview

Help For Golfers Who Think They Can’t Visualize

Do you have a hard time visualizing on the golf course? If so, this short mental golf tip is a must read.

Your Guide to Basic Golf Etiquette

In one way or another, we are all asked to follow rules. They serve the purpose of giving us direction and setting standards for good behavior. When playing golf, be sure you know the best way to play and win your game without losing the respect of your fellow players.

Practical Ways to Make Your Electric Golf Cart Run Faster

Electric golf carts or electric golf buggies have earned their worth not only in local golf courses but in many residential subdivisions and establishments as well. They provide a cheap and safe means of transporting persons and sometimes goods or golf accessories from one point to the next.

Mental Golf Tip: How to Quiet Your Mind At Address With A Simple Shift in Focus

Golfers learn how to quiet the mental chatter at address with this simple mental golf tip. This tip can benefit golfers of all skill levels, it is easy to do, and makes a world of difference.

Practical Golf Psychology – Golf Is a Mind Game

The first step for you to overcome your golf psychology problems is to stop looking elsewhere for their cause. By now you have probably tried every mechanical swing fix and tip that is out there. It hasn’t worked has it? So instead of looking outside of yourself for the cure to your problems you must be prepared to look within yourself for the cure

Golfers Do You Know What Focus, Confidence, and Trust Really Are?

Golf is a mental game that requires focus, confidence, and trust in order to produce the best results. Discover a different way of looking at these mental qualities so that you can improve your golf game.

Mental Golf Tip – Immediately Make More Putts Using Reverse Visualization

Attention golfers. This article reveals how to use visualization more effectively on the greens so you can make more putts and lower your score. Put this mental golf tip to the test because it will improve your performance.

Lost Ball Rules in Golf That Can Cause Confusion

The rules of golf really are meant to be simple, but like any rules and regulations designed to cover any eventuality they can become truly mindboggling. Specifically on balls that are lost or hit out-of-bounds there can be quite a lot of confusion as to where a golfer is to play his next ball.

Golfer Self-Talk Scripts for a Positive Mental Attitude, Motivation, and Golf Improvement

This article is a collection of 4 self-talk scripts that golfers can use to develop a positive mental attitude, motivation to achieve goals, and prepare their mind to play their best golf. If you want to create more success on the golf course then it starts with your self-talk. Direct your mind to greater success each day using these scripts and notice improvements in performance on the course as you play with more confidence.

These 7 Golf Tips Will Boost Your Game To The Next Level

Forget verbal training aids. Instead, use a video or a photo. We learn faster using our eyes, not our ears. So find a golfer that’s good at a skill, like chipping, and watch her perform it. This process is called “modeling.” Modeling gives you a “blueprint” to guide your motions. So if you want to improve, buy videos.

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