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Golf Ball Position – Does It Really Matter?

Does golf ball position matter? Yes it does, but do you really care? Make things simple and improve your game.

Successful Tips to Hit a Golf Draw Shot

Know why many golfers like to play golf draw shot and how you can setup, execute this shot. Below we have mention successful tips to play golf draw shot on the golf course. Know this shot will help you to get more distance in the golf game.

The Importance of Headwear for Sun Protection While Playing Golf

One of the few dangers in a relaxing game of golf is the damage to your skin which can be cause by the sun. Proper head protection can be crucial to ensure you are kept well protected for the full 18 holes.

Lessons Of Golf – Three Things To Consider When Opting For An Online Golf Course

Learning golf online doesn’t even cost you fortunes and could be a practical way to take lessons as per your convenience. Certain things that you must know before enrolling with an online golf course are related in this article.

Women’s Wide Golf Shoes – Tips Before Buying Extra-Wide Golf Shoes Online

Women’s wide golf shoes are very hard to find and can sometimes be very expensive. But if you are a serious lady golfer with wider feet, you know that having the perfect wide footwear is almost as important as having the perfect set of golf clubs. The right golf apparel will make you feel comfortable and confident and will affect your performance on the golf course.

Improving Your Iron Play

We have all been told to hit down on the golf ball, but what does this mean? Simply put, it means making contact with the ball just prior to reaching the lowest point in your swing arc. The lowest portion in your swing arc occurs directly in the center of a shoulder width stance (assuming that you do not sway to either side during your swing).

Developing Consistency in Your Golf Game

The most important factor influencing any part of your golf game is consistency. A consistent swing leads to consistent ball striking which leads to lower scores. Single-length golf clubs were designed specifically to address the issue of consistency in golf since they are identical throughout a set.

The Correct Grip Size for Your Golf Clubs

A question that is always asked is “What is the correct grip size?”. The simple answer is none. Although this answer runs contrary to what is promulgated throughout the entire golf industry it is a fact.

Keeping Track Of Your Golf Club Distances

As you hone in your skills and become better at golf it’s important to keep track of your golf club distances, from your wedges all the way up to your driver. There have been countless times that I have hit a great tee shot, splitting the fairway right down the middle, only to pick the wrong club for the second shot and completely miss the green. This usually happened because I didn’t know how far I could hit each club. It was more of a guessing game. Sometimes I’d get lucky and end up choosing the right club but that didn’t happen very often. As I became better and more consistent I realized that I could keep track of my distances and have more confidence in choosing the correct club for each shot I take. Confidence is a huge asset in the game of golf so the more I can get the better I will play.

2011 Ryder Cup Junior Golf Academy

The week of the Ryder Cup is always an exciting time. The talk of Captain’s picks, team uniforms, and who gets paired together keeps us on the edge for most of the week. I had the unique opportunity of attending the 2008 Ryder Cup in my home state of Kentucky and I will always remember the feeling when we clinched it on that Sunday afternoon at Valhalla. Tom Kite said it best when talking about the pressure of the event, “There’s no way of getting used to it.

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