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Avoiding Easy Golf Swing Mistakes

Becoming a professional golfer is absolutely no easy task, but practicing and learning how to not make the easy mistakes that a lot of golfers make can help you create a great swing. Having a bag golf swing does not necessarily make you a bag golfer, you can correct your swing and become great. Below I will discuss some easy things to think about when you are practicing to help prevent you from making simple mistakes.

Retiring to a Golf Club

If you want to retire and live on a golf course, but don’t think you can pull it off, you are wrong. And living on a golf course does not mean that you need to move to Arizona or to Florida like many people think. And it also does not even mean that you have to wait til you are actually ready to retire to start thinking about and looking for homes on golf clubs, this is a very plausible future for you.

How To Play Golf And What Are The Things You Need

Golf is said to be the most sophisticated game among all the sports in the world. It is usually a hobby of rich and high class people and generally considered as a symbol of status. Read on to discover the exciting world of this game…

Selecting the Right Golf Ball

Since around 1990 there have been around five thousand different designs for golf balls, so choosing the right one can be a stressful decision for any golfer. Golf companies are competing around the clock to try to perfect the art of the golf ball, to create the perfect ball that combines long distance and perfect control. So if golf companies are having such a hard time creating the perfect ball, how are golfers supposed to know which ones to buy? Hopefully I can give you a couple pointers in this article that will help you pick out a suitable ball for your game.

Picking the Right Golf Bag

If you are going to be spending hundreds or if you are really serious about golf, thousands on a brand new set of custom fitted golf clubs, you need to invest in the best protection you can get. That means you need to get a top not golf bag to make sure nothing happens to your important investment. Great golf bags can actually help the golfer’s game, not just keep your clubs safe from harm. Continue reading find out how you should select your golf bag.

What Can Callaway Golf Do For Women?

Ladies, when you are in the mood for a good round of golf, what are the most important things that you need for that afternoon on the links? What can Callaway Golf do to help you achieve that? Read more.

Park City Golf – One of the Hottest Golf Destinations Around

When most people think of Park City, Utah, they think of majestic mountains, 2002 Winter Olympics, skiers cruising down the mountain in freshly fallen powder and Park City Real Estate. While these are all true statements, many fail to understand the greatness of Park City in the summer. And while it’s still a secret just how great the summer time is, it’s quickly getting out.

Common Golf Injuries

Although golf is not a physical sport like football, hockey or basketball, you will definitely come across some injuries if you do not take care of your body. A lot of golfers will get back, shoulder or elbow injuries while playing golf.

Learning To Stop Hitting the Ball Fat

Hitting the ball fat is not as frequent as the slice, albeit it can be just as irritating. As with all golf swing workings, after you know what you are doing incorrect, it is possible to commence working on fixing it. While attempting to stop hitting the ball fat, it is nearly impossible to determine what you might be doing incorrect lacking someone else’s assistance.

The Story of the Golf Swing Basics

The golf swing basics are maybe the most elusive concept in all of sports. It seems so simple to grab a club and hit a little white ball far and straight.

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