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Summer Fun With Kid’s Golf Camps

If you are looking for something fun for the kids to do during the summer, why not consider enrolling them in kid’s golf camps? There are many wonderful workshops for kids that are designed to help them learn about the great game of golf.

Ways of Putting

Normally, there are five ways of putting, let’s have a look and find your own ways from these five. Since the putters engineering focus time, which uses a training tool to help groove a flat or curved stroke flag pole (here) about the shooting is correct.

Tiger Wood’s Return to Golf

Tiger Woods returned to professional golfing this week at the Augusta National. No one was sure how the media would respond; would they embrace him once again, or ask demanding personal questions at his Master’s press conference? Lucky for Tiger, it was the former.

How to Hit a Golf Ball With More Drive and Less Strokes

After you have mastered your swinging abilities, you then need to focus your attention on how to hit a golf ball. Make sure that your body is properly aligned on the target line. A faulty alignment could lead to terrible shots and you have to do something about this quick so that this won’t be the reason for a bad game. When you know the direction of your target, you can align your club along with your shoulders and hips to that area.

Golf Swing Through Power and Accuracy – Your Way to a Lower Handicap

Trying to drop your handicap quickly and it is not quite working for you, been given all the tips by your golfing buddies and it is still not happening. Learning how to get power and accuracy into your golf swing takes a load of practise.

How to Golf – Beginner’s Guide

Do you want to know how to start play golf? I have answer. Read this article.

Golf Swing Instructions – You Can Achieve Incredible Improvement in Just Two Weeks

Sometimes we buy new clubs. All those commercials on TV seem to be saying that, yes indeed, we can buy a good golf game.

Winners Trust Their Numbers Not Their Hunches

The top golf players don’t lurch from hole to hole on a wing and a prayer. They think their way around the golf course. They don’t take on any shot where they know in their heart that the odds of success are probably 60% or less. Maybe they will still make par, but certainly no worse than a bogey. Like in business, play the shot that you know you can play, not the shot that you hope you can play.

Why You Need to Practice Making a Profit!

If you asked most of our staff how much profit the company made, do you think their estimates would be higher or lower than the real number? Believe it or not most people assume your business makes more money than it does, so I think it’s a lot easier to tell them.

Business Or Backswing – Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!

I can tell you from my experience as a professional golfer that most people who go to a golf driving range will spend most of their time with their driver trying to pound balls over the fence. They might feel like they’re practicing real hard and I guess they are. The only problem is they’re practicing the wrong thing.

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