Find out why a Course Photographer is one of the best jobs in golf

Women Golfers Are Not Created Equal

When it comes to playing golf, we are not all created equal. However, with the right clubs we can narrow the gap – you just need to know what to look for!

Lower Your Golf Scores by Learning How to Control the Shape of Your Golf Shots

Learn why the pros can make the fairways play twice as wide as you can. Understand what causes a shot to push, pull, slice, hook or curve in some combination way. Learn how to make a shot curve on purpose or how to stop if from curving.

Quick Tips For Improving Your Putting Game

Most golfers agree that the golf club that has the most impact on your score is the putter. The classic saying is you “drive for show and putt for dough” The smart golfers understand that the putting stroke should be the most important aspect of the game and receive the most attention in practice. Most golfers spend much more time on the driving range then they do on the practice green, where as in an ideal world the opposite should be true. However, with a few smart tips and some golf practice equipment, you can spend less time on the practice green and still have a repeatable smooth stroke.

What is the Proper Way to Swing a Golf Club?

A golf swing is an unnatural motion that can only be perfected through practice. Also, you are most likely going to be nervous when you first learn how to swing a golf club. It is a continuous flowing motion.

Golf Swing Basics – a Ticket to Professional Golfing

There is no any other avenue to get into the professional ranks of the game when you are green about the golf swing basics. You can only move to advanced level of the game when you learn persistently rehearse them day after day. They are kingpins in every young and aspiring golfer who want to break into the professional racks some day.

Golf Slice Cure – Golf Swing Basics

It is becoming a common occurrence for the amateur golfers and even the not seasoned golfers asking how they can get a golf slice cure. Golf slice is becoming a headache to golfers’ day in day bout regularly without giving them a rest. The slice can be cured with simple routine procedures that would only require your small concentration at the practice sessions.

Golf Lessons Online – The Best Place to Get Golfing Tips

Every golfer either an amateur or a pro needs golf lessons online to keep up with the new tips and instructions that keep popping up every now and then. Golf is an interesting game and that is the reason all enthusiasts are doing all they can to get better each day when they hit the golf course. There are some tips that you can get and practice just alone when you are doing your daily practice routine. The following collected advice might turn to be useful if put into practice.

Golf Instruction Book

Due to the daily needs and requirements of knowing and mastering golf it has come clear that amateur golfers or any other people are looking for golf instruction book to gather the missing information they are looking for. These books are not confined for a particular group of persons instead any of the golfers and fanatics can get the books inspiring and educative.

Golf Correcting Slice – Causes and Solutions

The Golf correcting slice is just yet another tool to enhance a golfer’s game and wholesomely, to make the game of golf richer and more exhilarating. To have the best opportunity to play the best game of golf is to some the best deal of their lifetimes. While they play the game, learning how to swing the club, how to calculate using their eyes the distance to the hole and all the other golfing bits and pieces, they also seek so much more to be the best in their game even if they are in the amateurs’ league.

Breast Cancer Outreach Aided by Rally For the Cure Golfers

Each October, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation promotes their golf edition of “Rally for the Cure benefiting cancer research to eliminate the disease,” and every year nationwide, women and men tee it up for a great cause. As a promise from one sister to another sister fighting this disease, Rally for the Cure is a living tribute on what one person can start.

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