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Trouble Shots – Master the Fairway Bunker Shot For Duffers

Discover the solution to successfully escaping the one of the most feared of all golf shots. Learn the simple steps to overcome this dreaded on course obstacle. Start saving strokes with your very next round.

Mizuno MX 100 Irons

For the golfer who is looking for “maximum forgiveness” out of their golf bag the Mizuno MX 100 irons might be just what the doctor ordered. Featuring the Mizuno’s Y-tune performance and an ultra pocket cavity that helps to keep the CG low these clubs are built for the ultimate in forgiveness and ease of play to help anyone who has problems getting the ball on the green.

Cobra Pro D Driver S9.1

The Cobra Pro D Driver S9.1 series is a fusion of ideas from the Cobra PGA Tour professionals and was developed to be a major offensive weapon in the golf bags of extreme ball speed players. This new line of drivers has already had its first taste of victory at the hands of Geoff Ogilvy in Hawaii at the Mercedes Benz Championship.

Simple Tips to Improve Your Overall Golf Game

Golf is a challenging game. The game consists of many moving parts and due to this fact it can be complicated. The complications arise out of the fact that’s you’re trying to think of everything in order to get your game right.

What Can Recreational Golfers Learn For the Pros

The main reason we lack function, is from faulty movement patterns. This often is from old injuries that have healed wrong and we compensated.

Preparing For the Game

When starting out on any new endeavor it’s a good idea to have a game plan. A good place to start when taking up the game of golf is the driving range. It will save you a lot of time and heartache. It will also keep you from embarrasing yourself.

How to Cure a Golf Slice – Stop Slicing When You Conquer the Mental Aspect of the Game

Learn how to cure a golf slice by understanding and conquering the mental part of golf. The difference between Tiger Woods and Phil Michelson is the mental edge Tiger has. Some would argue when Phil is on he is just as good if not better than Tiger.

A Callaway Set – The Best Choice

Take a close look at your game, is it ready to go to the next level? It could be your irons that are holding it back. A Callaway set is an investment in your future enjoyment of the game.

Golf Distractions Cost Strokes! Three Tips on How to Stay Focused

Head down, knees slightly bent, shoulders squared and then somebody walks into your peripheral vision. Distractions costs strokes and kick you out of the zone. Here’s three simple tips you can use on the course to get control back.

Cobra F Fairway Metal Wood S9.1

The Cobra F Fairway Metal Wood S9.1 is the latest offering from this golf powerhouse designed to make hitting the ball easier than ever for everyone. The major factor involved in creating this ultimate metal wood is Cobra’s “Hotter9 Points” technology that is designed to provide the player with more coefficient of restitution across the whole clubface.

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