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Street Legal Golf Carts

Golf Carts out on the streets are quite popular vehicle these days. Mini machines are not are not only restricted to the golf course anymore! Such vehicles are legal on streets now. They are mostly found in golf course communities, resort areas, retirement homes, and in open ranges and sanctuaries.

Golf Swing Techniques – Learn How to Easily Cure Your Golf Slice

Have you just started out playing golf or do you play golf on a regular basis? Either way you may be having trouble hitting the ball straight down the fairway and what you are looking for is a simple way to cure that slice so that you can improve your game as a whole. When you slice the ball inevitably you will lose not only accuracy but distance.

Eliminate Hitting Thin Golf Shots the Easy Way

What are the secrets to avoiding thin golf shots? Well, we have learned from the pros and now are going to share with you some great tips to avoiding thin golf shots. If thin golf shots are your trouble area, then they are about to vanish if you follow these few simple tips.

New Balls Please – It Ain’t Tennis Wayne

With all the controversy surrounding new technology in golf these days, it is difficult to determine how we stop professionals from tearing apart courses. Some suggest introducing new golf balls that dont travel as far, others think we should somehow control the level of technology. Me, I just think we could make the hazards on the golf course just a little more hazardous. Why is it that the bunkers are so shallow and raked perfectly. How can we classify it as a hazard when we know the professionals practice this particular shot day in, day out? However, if we dont have the bunkers raked, it introduces an element of surprise. Let see how they fare when their ball is lying in a footprint for instance. By ensuring we make hazards more hazardous, a premium is put back on accuracy where only the best can emerge victorious.

Women’s Golf Clubs

Most of the newer clubs have incorporated new technology into the club head to make them easier to hit. They have a larger sweet spot which makes them more forgiving on off center hits.

My Simple Secret to Hitting a Golf Ball Straight

I struggled with a really ugly left to right ball flight for over 15 years. I spent more time looking for golf balls than playing the game. I tried everything, but nothing seemed to work.

Aberdeen Golf Courses Guide

Guide to Aberdeen’s golf courses. Covers Hazelhead, Royal Aberdeen and Murcar.

Love Golf? How to Qualify For the US Open – A Case Study

This time of the year, I get calls from many golfers who want to qualify for the US Open. Many of the golfers who reach out to me are club pros, teaching pros, college coaches and assistant professionals. For the most part, they are talented players, but only a few have the physical and the mental skills to succeed at this level. Remember,one bad shot or one bad hole can sometimes kill a great round.

Ben Hogan Secret

Ben Hogan would often play 18 holes without missing a fairway or green. Despite inferior clubs and balls, Hogan still hit it better than today’s BEST pros – plain and simple.

Golf Driving Tips – It’s All in the Mind, Or is It?

Picture the scene – you are on the first tee waiting for the fairway to clear, when up walks a foursome which includes the club captain, the assistant pro, the club secretary and his wife. Oh, my god! Negative thoughts start to enter your head….”I’m gonna fluff it,” “I’m gonna hook it so bad, they’re gonna laugh at me – especially the secretary’s wife.” What do you do?

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