Ernie Els talks going head to head with Tiger at the Presidents Cup, captaining the Icons Series

Help Me Putt – Beginner Putting Tips (The 3 Must Know Basics About Putting Well)

Many good putters differ in their styles and techniques to get the ball into the hole. Through observation, I have discovered that they often show some similarities. It is always wise to learn from experts in the trade, so we should learn the skills of those who putt well. Here are the 3 basic things every putter must know. Aimless practice will not yield the desired results of becoming a better, more confident putter. Instead, spend time to achieve a consistent putting stroke, get good at distance control and read the break on greens.

Callaway Upro Golf Gps – 5 Definitive Features Of The Callaway Upro Go

The Callaway Upro Go is the ultimate golf gps. I want to outline to you some of the features of the Callaway Upro go such as distances to each hazard, bunker, and each hole.

Using Golf Nets Can Help Improve One’s Swing

Golf nets can help amateur golfers practice without being pressured by having other, better players around them. Continuous practice using a net can help to improve a player’s stance and swing.

Playing Golf in Upper Assam

Upper Assam is a romantic place.  I for one who has spent considerable time in this region, remember it as a place with some of the best Golf courses. I do recollect teeing off at the Upper Assam golf Club at Digboi, about 65 km from Dibrugarh.

Golf Grip Tips – There Are So Many Around – Ever Wondered Why? This Is Important

Golf grip tips are in abundance. Everywhere you look, in all forms of media – golf books & magazines, television golf shows, DVD’s & videos, let alone the internet – it seems the world and his wife wants to teach us the correct golf grip, why? Well it is not just information overload.

Jobs In Golf Month – Dedicate February to Your Future

Golf is a $195 billion industry and it employs over two million people in the U.S., but many job seekers don’t realize the potential for a golf career. Golf is a viable option for any prospective employee, entrepreneur or student. Every February, golf careers are put on display by the PGA of America.

Basic Concepts to Understand About Good Putting

Good putting is a whole lot more than having a good stroke. Good putting is about attitude, aim, speed control and reading greens. Players who do not consider all these aspects of good putting are playing by talent alone. They are doomed to a chicken and feathers inconsistency. Brains and talent are the best combination.

Golf – The 20 Second Game

Golf, the 20 second game, also referred to as the Ready, Set, Go model, is a fresh new insight reducing the time it takes to address the golf ball, set up and make a swing. You no longer have to concentrate for the 4-5 hours it typically takes to play the game. The storyline uses sequencing, swing cues and the magic of three for easy recall to learning this new strategy. Together with the fundamentals of golf they allow the golfer to easily introduce consistency into the game, and this is what leads to improving and better scoring.

Improve Your Game With Golf Swing Fundamentals

Whether you are just starting out playing the game or if you’ve been hitting your short putts and sliced drives for years, addressing golf swing fundamentals can improve your game. The six most important elements to any round of golf are alignment, hand and arm relationship, pivot, posture, grip and above all, your mental game.

Golf Putting Drills To Improve Your Game

Golf putting drills will allow you to gain control over your accuracy, tempo, distance and most importantly, your consistency. Putting may be the least physical part of the game but it certainly can be considered the most important part to master.

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