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Why More People Seek The Gary Edwin Golf Technique

The Gary Edwin golf technique is probably the best method that you have out there, which could tremendously improve your handicap. This technique puts emphasis on the fact that you can improve regardless of your age, gender or built. This means that if you are a golf-enthusiast who has been trying to find means to improve your handicap, you would no longer be looking for answers elsewhere because the Gary Edwin golf technique can do so much to improve your game.

5 Benefits of Understanding the Biomechanics of Golf

Probably one of the hardest things to master is the game of golf. It takes time, a lot of practice, willingness to learn, and the right swing, before you can say that you have indeed mastered the game of golf. One crucial aspect that you have to understand in order for you to have the confidence whenever you swing your club is the biomechanics of golf.

How Do I Swing a Golf Club

The greatest problem with learning to play golf is not with the swing itself, but in striking the ball and the precision needed in order to accurately make good contact with the golf ball. The swing is the simple part in learning to play and the new golfer should concentrate on striking the ball in a consistent manner plus working on controlling the direction of the ball as it travels out over the course.

Golf Holidays

In terms of popularity, there has been a major change in direction when it has come to booking golf holidays, with golfers who are making online golf travel reservations, having a much wider choice. In the days of old, golfers normally booked a holiday package for groups of eight or more to go to warmer climates as the stereotype trip. Often this package was booked for large parties from the local club, who were often accompanied by their local PGA Club Professional.

Slicing Is for Deli-Workers: Learn How To Play Better Golf Now!

Golf is not only a physical game, but also a mental game. Having a slice when you are playing golf is very annoying. When most people start golfing, a lot of them will have a slice. The following will give you some pointers on how to lose the slice from your golf swing.

How to Get the Most From Your Golf Lesson

Golf lessons and hard earned money sometimes do not end up producing results. Here are some tips on how you can meet your pro on the tee with an expectation of getting some results.

Your Second Lesson: Modifying the Hooker/Release Drill Into a Real Golf Swing

You took command and control over your slice with the Hooker/Release Drill described in a previous article. Now it’s time to turn a hook into a playable draw or fade.

Your First Golf Lesson: How to Fix a Slice

Fix your slice in five swings! Slicing a golf ball is the most common error in the game. It is the primary problem for 90% of all beginning and less skilled golfers. Slicing is NOT some mystery disease without a cure. The mechanics of the problem are well understood. The cure for the problem is the ongoing debate in golf. This article looks at a proven, instant fix without the mumbo jumbo of a cause and effect explanation.

Are You a Putting Head Case?

An introduction to the importance of sound fundamentals, even in putting. Disputes the concept that anything goes regarding putting style. Consistent, high quality performance is the result of being fundamentally sound… even in putting!

Pointers to Help Cure Golf Slice Problems

One of the most common problems that amateur golfers run into is the dreaded slice shot, where the ball begins left of the target line and swings dramatically to the right of the target line while in flight (for a right handed player, the opposite is true for left handed ones). In fact, few topics have received as much attention in golf and there are entire books dedicated specifically to the question of how to cure golf slice shots and eliminate them. Despite the wealth of material available on the topic, many people still have an incredibly difficult time getting past it, so the following are some general pointers to help.

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