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About Golf Accessories

It is said that golf is the highest earning game in the whole world. It is also said that billions of dollars are spent to organize this game. Not may people are familiar with golf because it gets less publicity by the media.

Some Important Things About Golf

Golf is said to the highest earning and the highest played game in the whole world. A lot of people are attracted to this game because of its simple play. As the days are passing by, all the game players are using modern technology to improve their game.

Junior Golf Sets

  There is a lot that you can choose from when it comes to selecting the junior golf sets for your kid. If your kid in interested in learning the game and starting it an early age, it will not be fair if he does not has the right equipments to play with. There are three things that you will have to keep in mind while selecting the junior golf set: length, weight and the grip size.

Golf Club Drivers – Before You Buy

Golf club drivers are used when the golfer is supposed to hit the ball over a long distance. It can help you make some scoring shots, therefore it is important than whenever you plan on buying them, you should be able to make a good combination of your skills as well as your swing type. Once you move out, there are 3 main types of drivers that you will be able to get.

All That You Need to Know About Golf Carry Bags

If you like to play golf and have been playing it for a long time, then you must know, how important it is to have the right type of golf carry bags. Choosing the right type of bag will help you maintain your golf sticks in a better way; since these equipments are expensive, it is important that they should be taken care of in a proper way. The golf carry bags can be broadly classified into two types: one is a carry bag and the other is a cart bag.

Make the Very Best Use of Your Time on the Driving Range

Practice is a necessary and valuable part of your time spent playing golf but each and every practice session needs to be carefully planned, otherwise you are simply wasting your time and doing nothing to improve your game. All golfers, and especially beginners and intermediate players, will spend a great deal of time on the driving range and so it is vitally important that you make the very best use of that time.

Golf Swing Lesson – The Good and the Bad

A good golf swing lesson teaches you the difference between what a good swing looks like and what a bad swing looks like. A good golf swing looks entirely effortless, but it’s really not.

To Play by the Rules Or Not to Play by the Rules?

Golf is both a physical and mental sport but it is also a sport which requires a high degree of integrity. Unlike many sports, cheating at golf is not hard, but just who are you really cheating?

Golf – Planning For the Perfect Pitch Shot

The pitch shot is an excellent example of the balance needed in golf as both a physical and mental sport and every pitch shot you make needs to be carefully planned. Before even addressing your ball you need to examine the area you are playing over and take careful note of the conditions so that you can decide exactly how you intend to play the shot.

Left Handed Golfers – Arise!

The time has finally come to stand up and proudly proclaim, “I’m a left handed golfer — and I don’t care who knows it!”. Gone, at last, are the years of hearing,”You’re hitting it from the wrong side!”. Gone is the endless searching for a store which carried left hand clubs IN STOCK. Special Order? Oh sure — but never enough product on the sales floor that you could actually feel and swing before buying. Those days are done-finito-adios-goodbye!

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