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The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Improve Their Golf Swing

Golfers spend thousands of dollars on the latest equipment to play at the finest golf courses only to find themselves frustrated because it seems no matter how good the equipment they use and the quality of the courses they play on, their overall game never seems to improve. There are some common mistakes golfers make that prevent the type of improvement they’d like to see, and those mistakes are the subject of this discussion.

Correcting Problems With Your Golf Swing Plane

Your golf swing plane is incredibly important whether you’re new to the game or you’ve been playing for years and are just trying to shave a little off of your handicap. Having a proper golf swing plane means more accuracy and distance – and it can take strokes off of your game. We’re going to go over how you can get a better plane; while this is a little different depending on your height and other factors. However, having an understanding of these factors helps you to improve your game.

Drive For Show

Yes the driver, my favorite club in the bag. The saying goes ” Drive for show putt for dough ” and there’s nothing more satisfying than ripping a powerful straight drive off the tee and watching as it lands in the center of the fairway.

A Unique Golf Gift – One Your Golfer Will Remember You For

What’s it going to be this year, another box of golf balls or a 12 piece ball marker tool that is also a portable radio? No this year you are going to give a unique golf gift that your golfer is going to go crazy over. You know why? Because it is exactly what he or she wants!

Fundamentals of a Full Golf Swing

Learn the fundamentals of a full golf swing from a professional. You have listened to your well meaning friends and some teachers, but now is the time to seek out a professional instructor.

Factors in Choosing a Golf Simulator – Software

Before you start it is important to know whether the simulator will be used for residential or commercial use. This will greatly affect your decision-making process.

Golf Tips – Drills For Putting

In a round of golf, about 43 percent of our strokes are made with the putter. The putter may be our most important club, and the club we practice least.

Do You Suffer From the Dreaded Golfers Elbow? Find the Answers to Fixing Your Golfer’s Elbow Fast

How to fix or at least prevent golfer’s elbow is something you don’t what to find out too late. If you want to fix your Golfers Elbow before you forget how to swing a golf club keep reading.

Golf Swing Tips – Chipping Drills

At the conclusion of the opening round of the 2007 Masters, Justin Rose stood tied for the lead. He had just turned in a phenomenal round of 3 under par, including 15 pars and 3 birdies. It was the only bogey-free round of the day. At first glance, you might conclude that Justin Rose had meticulously moved around the hollowed grounds at Augusta with uncanny precision, hitting nothing but fairways and greens. A round of maximum consistency. But, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Golf Swing Tips – Selecting the Right Chipping Club Can Really Lower Your Scores

For many years, golfers exclusively used a sand wedge for bunker play and a pitching wedge for chip shots around the green. But today’s green complexes are far more complicated with steep banks, long rough, shaved chipping areas, deep grass and sand bunkers, and sloping, terraced, putting surfaces that can be lightning fast. To score well around these greens, today’s golfer must be able to execute a wide variety of chip shots with several different clubs.

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