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History of the Golf Club – Four Centuries in the Making

As most golfers know, golf is one of the oldest games still being played today and the history of the golf club is quite an extensive and interesting one. Of course the game first began in Scotland and that is where the first golf clubs were created and used, in a very primitive form. Back then the game was much more casual and rules haphazardly applied.

Left Handed Golf Club Sets – A Boon to Lefty Golfers

Southpaw golfers unite! If you have ever wondered, there are left-handed golf club sets made just for you. Those who were born with a dominant left hand know that this trait makes you different from the majority of right-handers.

The Best Women’s Golf Club Sets

Not so long some cheeky man came up with the idea that golf was an acronym for “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden.” Luckily we have come a long way from those times and more and more women are learning the pleasures of playing golf. Anika Sorenstam helped usher in this new era by refusing to believe she could not play as good as the men.

Golf Training Aids

Every golfer is looking for that golf training aid to improve their game. You can hire a pro instructor or go back to the old standby of practice, practice and more practice.

Golf Short Game Drills – Improve Conversion Success Using the Gate Drill

Most golfers are not taught how to practice effectively. Typically only tour players and golfers exposed to competition at the collegiate level are taught good practice disciplines. This lack of knowledge and experience becomes most noticeable while practicing the short game. It’s common to see golfers rake balls into a perfect lie while chipping and pitching and then rapidly deplete the pile of balls before moving on to other shots. This article describes one of the most effective short game drills that will help improve conversion success and lead to lower scores.

I’m Not Addicted to Golf, I’m Impassioned to Golf (That’s My Story and I’m Sticking to It)

It occurred to me recently how flippantly many golfers refer to their “addiction” to our beloved game. I myself have referred to my love of Golf as an addiction on several occasions that I can remember, and probably more that I no longer recall.

Golf Club Specifications – Personal to Each Golfer

No two golfers are exactly alike in their body type, mechanics of their swing and follow-through after making contact with the ball. Without the proper golf club specifications which are designed to address your personal factors, you will never play the best game you can. While the best option is to purchase a set of clubs which are custom-designed through a fitting appointment, understanding golf club specifications may make it easier to find a set readily available at any retail location selling golf equipment.

Golf Club Reviews – Worthwhile?

These days, the internet is a comprehensive resource which makes it easy for a golfer to find golf courses, equipment, accessories, and even golf club reviews. Since so many golf magazines offer an online version, there are many reviews to help you in finding the right golf clubs.

Why Golf Club Head Covers Are Useful

Golf club head covers can perform a variety of functions, from merely protecting the clubs to identifying them as yours. The covers are not only for woods any longer, but are also being marketed as useful for irons.

Golf Club Distance – How Far Can You Go?

Part of working on your game is determining golf club distance. There are two factors involved: how much force is in a golfer’s swing and the design of the golf club. Golf club distance is also influenced by such things as the weather, the course fairway, the golfer’s physical condition, including age, gender, musculature, etc.

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