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The Correct Way to Swing a Golf Club

If you are still in the process of learning how to swing a golf club, there are many things to be considered in perfecting your skill. While every golfer is different, there are still various mechanics to the swing which can positively affect your game. Grip Perhaps the most common error many beginners make when practicing their swing is how they grip the golf club.

Golf Club Travel Cases Are a Must For Avid Golfers

Any golfer who considers himself an avid player of the game looks forward to traveling to new and challenging golf courses located throughout the world. And certainly any golfer worth their salt feels the need to travel with his or her own personal set of clubs so as to avoid the need for finding an acceptable set to rent at the course. Using your own set of golf clubs means you will not lose any performance, particularly if you own a set which is custom-fitted.

Golf Club Shafts Are Important to Your Swing

Of course a good club is important to your game, but what about golf club shafts? One factor which can make a large difference in your swing is the flex. Golf club shaft flex refers to the bending of the shaft in response to the force of your swing.

Golf Club Reviews – Reading Between the Lines

Golf club reviews are written to make consumers believe that by buying a particular club, you will shoot your best round of golf and be amazed at the difference in distance and accuracy. Clubs are purported to keep a ball sailing straight even if you miss striking it on the sweet spot and take several strokes off your best game score. If all this were true, just buying a new golf club could turn you into a professional.

Reasons to Replace Golf Club Grips

No matter if your set of golf clubs is brand new or gently used, replacing the grips can be one of the most effective changes you make to improve your game. Since the grip is the only place your hands directly contact the club, it is important to keep them in good condition and provide an area with a comfortable feel. Used grips have been twisted over and over again and will no longer function correctly after a period of time.

Golf Club Covers – A Necessary Accessory

Golf club covers are those sock-like pieces of knitted material which are used to cover the heads of woods. They serve an important purpose – protecting the head of the clubs from nicks, dings, scratches, and the weather. An increasingly popular type of golf club cover is that for your irons, the purpose of which is to also protect these clubs, although they are far more durable.

Ping G15 Golf Clubs – 3 Reasons to Buy Ping G15 Golf Clubs

The Ping G15 set of golf clubs has been released. This new line from one of the leading manufacturers will assure that there is something available for players at all skill levels, including professionals, average golfers, and those who rank amateurs who are just starting out. Here are the top three reasons why these should be on the top of your list:

A Beginners Guide to the Game of Golf

Golf is a great game that can be fun at any level. A beginner tends to just head out to the local golf course with our friends. Taking this approach is like trying to ice skate for the first time, unless you are a natural you are going to get hurt. I started playing Golf at a very early age. My father was a 4 handicap and wanted to make sure that I understood the game before he took me out for the first time. It made me appreciate the game. At the time our approach was to borrow a few Golf Clubs from Dad and some of his well used Golf balls, head down to the local municipal golf course and tee it up.

Learn How to Really Take Your Range Game to the Golf Course

The optimal way to practice golf for lower scores, is to get as close to course conditions as possible when you are on the driving range. In other words, standing there for half an hour or so hitting to the same target, is not going to help you score better.

Improve Your Golf Game With Posture, Alignment and Fitness

Get back to basics. The fundamentals of golf can really improve your game. This article will give you some good tips on posture, alignment and fitness.

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