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Golf Going Green

The popular “go green” push has entered many facets of the golf industry. Golf companies see benefits of environmental protection, and it is “green” in many ways.

Quick Tips About Golf Ball Selection

First, you’ll want to find the right compression that fits the play of your game. Think of compression as how hard the ball feels. High compression balls are harder and therefore compress less at impact. Most people think that the 100 compression balls fly father which is not the case. Distance is really determined by club head speed. Some golfers will use a lower compression ball and will in turn fly father for them.

Lady’s Golf – Caring For Your Clubs

Are you fairly new at golf? Looking for all the tips and information you can get about the sport?

Powakaddy – Leading the Way

There are hundreds of brands on the market however one clear leader, PowaKaddy. They offer a fantastic range of trolleys and after service. You can have confidence with them!

Want to Lower Your Handicap? Buy an Electric Trolley

Have you spent years off the same handicap? Purchase an electric trolley and see your handicap lowers.

Powakaddy Golf Freeway II Electric Trolley

The Powakaddy Freeway II is the latest on the market and has hit the electric trolley world by storm. Whether you are a social or tournament golfer the Freeway II is essential. It boasts huge amounts of tech which is not difficult to use. The trolley has been designed with super strength materials and as lightweight as possible. They have put it through extreme testing to make sure that this is the best on the market. There is no limit to what the Freeway II can withstand. This is by far one of the best trolleys which Powakaddy have made and they seem to keep upping their game.

Pound Your Driver on a Rope – 3 Things Before You Swing For Massive Distance

You can pound your driver on a rope down the middle every time, but only if you set up your swing correctly at address. Here’s 3 simple tips to follow to massively increase your distance with your driver…

Information About Golf Swing Instructions

For many people, playing golf is a lifestyle. It is a game that requires a lot of practice. Serious players are more than willing to practice on a regular basis and many do so every day. There is a small percentage of players who have a natural tendency to execute a good golf swing in a natural manner.

Get Custom Golf Clubs Online

Each golfer has a distinct physical characteristic and swing type. Sadly, having a custom fit set of clubs can be very expensive, and this has discouraged a lot of golfers from getting custom clubs and improving their game. The availability of custom golf clubs online has changed that.

Golf Umbrellas – Do You Have One?

Most golfers are fanatical when it comes to having the latest gadgets in their bag. But the weird thing is, many golfers, perhaps more than half, do not carry the one thing that can actually save a round of golf. I am talking about a golf umbrella.

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