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Simple Tips to Care For Your Indoor Golf Simulator

I have come up with a few simple maintenance tips to keep your indoor golf simulator, running and looking great. The best part; it won’t take more than 15 minutes a week.

Golf Driver Swing – How It’s Different Than Your Iron Swing

Ever wonder why you hit your drives good one day, and your irons like junk? Then the next day you hit your irons well and your drives are out of control? In golf, the driver swing is different than your typical iron swing.

The Correct Golf Grip – How to Get it Right Every Time

This article talks about three different types of grips. Which one is best for you?

Golf Swing Timing – Easily Overlooked, Vital to Solid Contact

If the timing in your golf swing is off, you will simply be wasting strokes with hooks, slices, topping the ball, and hitting it fat. With considerable practice you can achieve proper timing if your practice was done properly. If you are a beginner, I would recommend focusing on the fundamentals, ie grip, posture, and stance, or set up.

How to Hit That Fairway in 14 Days!

Do you want to learn how I added 30 yards onto my golf drive. Read my story how I changed my golf game and did it in 14 days.

Winter Golfing Practice Tip – Groove a Consistent Swing With This Off Season Tip For Duffers

Discover how you can groove a better golf swing this winter. Normally our swing deteriorates over the winter and we have to re-learn our it come spring. Uncover how you can take full advantage of the off season to create a better, more consistent, repeatable golf swing.

Golf Swing Timing – How a Fit Body Leads to Perfect Swing Timing – For Duffers

Think about it. You want a better, more consistent golf swing, don’t you? Did you know that poor swing timing is the cause of most of your poor shots.

Golf Ball Retrievers

One way to save on lost balls is using a golf ball retriever. Golf ball retrievers are used to get your ball out of all kinds of hazards like water thickets, woods and other places out of reach. Some older folks can use retrievers to ease the strain of bending over to grab their golf balls over and over again. Originally golf ball retrievers were use by golf course maintenance workers to retrieve lost balls out of the water and other areas that they are unable to reach. Many balls are retrieved off the golf course and are cleaned and resold.

Mastering Your Golf Technique

Many people feel that they have to tee off with a driven club. The driver club typically will send the ball the farthest, but the accuracy of the driver is not good. Many people have their “lucky club” that they use most of the time. You don’t have to use a driver on the tee. Accuracy is more important than distance. What good is it going to do you if you hit the ball extremely far but it ends up in the water?

Cure My Golf Slice – 1 Crucial Tip to Fixing Your Slice Before You Even Swing

Are you tired of the same old advice to cure your golf slice? “Don’t come over the top”…”Close your club face at impact”…okay, but HOW? Just follow these 3 simple steps to cure your slice before you even start the swing and you’ll have a lot more fun on the course…

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