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How to Cure a Golf Slice – Follow These Steps to Stop Slicing and Start Winning on Your Round

How to cure a golf slice is a question many average golfers have tried to solve, myself included. Why do most golfers who suffer from slicing think the problem will play itself out? How many of you right now reading this article slice the ball and are completely and utterly fed up with your slice and golf?

How to Fix a Golf Swing Slice – Keep it Simple and Refine These Four Steps of the Swing

How to fix a golf swing is a very common question among average golfers. Even some players who can break eighty five still do not have the correct swing. Ever see Charles Barkley’s swing it amazes me that he even makes contact with the ball.

Fix a Slice in Golf

If you want to lower your golf score, it is urgent that you fix your golf slice. Doing this can help you to have a lower score and is surprisingly easy!

Correcting a Golf Slice – Four Tips That Will Have You Correcting Your Golf Slice

When it comes to correcting a golf slice the task becomes easier when you follow some simple steps. Fixing your golf slice is not going to be attained overnight but rather will take some time and patience.

Boomer Golf School – Rule Number 1 – Never Look For a Lost Golf Ball Unless It’s Yours!

I was playing a friendly round of golf with a few friends the other day, and made what has to be considered a really dumb move. There were three of us playing. Player number one hit her ball off the tee and into a stand of trees and brush on the right of the fairway.

How to Hit a Driver Properly – The Basics on How to Hit a Driver Straight and Far

To succeed in golf you need to learn how to hit a driver properly. You’ll hear different golf teachers preach different ways to hit a driver. Ultimately the results will determine if the driver is being hit properly or not. When learning how to hit a driver properly you should define a proper drive as one that goes fairly straight, landing in the fairway or not too far into the rough, and one that goes farther than you could hit any other club.

How to Fix a Golf Slice – A Ten Step Guide to Help You Squash That Slice

Want to know how to fix a golf slice? Of course you do because slicing the ball is just about the most frustrating part of golf isn’t it? Statistics show that almost 80% of golfers fight slicing.

Improve Your Golf Swing – Don’t Get Frustrated

Many golfers from all over the globe would like to know the best way to improve the golf they play. By doing this, they feel the game would be more enjoyable, but only once they can see progress.

Golf Slice Cures – The Most Useful Golf Slice Cures For Big Slicers

Slicing is the most common problem in golf, but luckily there are number of golf slice cures that you can learn to fix your swing. A slice occurs when the club face is still open at impact. This can be caused by various factors and the key to fixing your golf swing is to find out which factor or combination of factors is causing your slice.

Golf Chipping Tips – The Essentials to a Successful Short Game

Chipping is one of the most important elements of any golfer’s short game. The problem is most golfers do not follow the golden rule of chipping: keeping your hands in front of the club. Unlike a normal iron shot where weight shifts from back to front and your hand position varies, when you chip at a golf ball it is essential to always have your hands in front of the club.

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