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Tips For Creating Lag in Your Golf Swing

You may often wonder as you watch the pro’s how it is that they hit the ball far and straight. One of the ways they accomplish this is by creating lag in their swing. Before you create lag you need to understand…

Golf Swing Takeaway – How Improving Your Takeaway Can Instantly Help You Hit Better Shots!

The golf swing takeaway is one of the most essential parts of the golf swing, and yet it seems to get overlooked all of the time. If you think about it anything that you do is easier when you start it correctly, and the golf swing is no different. Once you have properly addressed the ball you need to be able to start your swing in the correct manner in order to maximize the potential of your golf swing.

Iron Shots – 3 Ways to Effectively Hit Better Iron Shots

For the purpose of this article we are going to cover how to hit better iron shots. Many folks when playing golf tend to focus a lot on hitting the driver far and straight, while this is important, the fact remains if your irons are off you will hit less greens and more importantly you will not be able to get the ball close to the pin. We all know the rush when you hit a good drive down the fairway, then pull out an iron and strike the ball within inches of the cup.

How to Simply Lower Your Handicap For Good

First off I was watching the interview they did with Tiger Woods as he came of his practice round for the Accenture Match Play a few months back. Since he has been out for eight months they asked him if he would be nervous, he simply stated and I quote, “The day I am not nervous is the day I quit”. What followed that to me was the most interesting point, what he suggested was that whenever you care about what you do you will be nervous. Which leads me to this point…

Pitch, Chip and Putt in Golf

These three things are probably the most important part of the game of golf. We all know the object of the game is to get the ball in the hole with as few of strokes as possible. So that being said knowing good course reading is imperative.

The Proper Stance For Golf Swing – Getting the Most Distance

The proper stance for golf swing involves your grip, your balance, and your timing. When all three are just right you will have your most powerful drive. So what is it? Read on.

Lowering Your Golf Handicap

Want the winning edge to your golf game? The help and advice you need to know is right here.

Putting Drills – Save Three Strokes a Round With This Simple Drill

Are you struggling on the greens? This article teaches a simple drill guaranteed to help you with your putting!

How to Hold a Golf Club Properly – Holding Your Gold Club Correctly Will Improve Your Swing!

The most important factor of golf is how you hold the golf club. Remember when you are trying out different hand positions that you should never hold a golf club the “proper” way if it means it will cause you discomfort. You should start by holding the golf club face open to the ball.

Golf GPS Systems – How They Can Instantly Improve Your Golf Game

Golfers are always looking at new equipment to cut strokes off their game. Golf GPS systems are one of the easiest and immediate ways to improve your game.

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