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How to Stop Topping Your Lob Shot

Do you know why the LOB shot is easier than you think? You don’t have to scoop the ball for it to go up. Read that sentence one more time.

How to Improve Your Short Game in Golf – Short Game Drills

Like most golfers, I am always looking for ways to improve my golf game. One of the most important areas of your golf game is the short game. Learning how to improve your short game in golf is the quickest way to lowering your scores. Golfers normally carry just two clubs that are designed for golf shots inside 100 yards, the pitching wedge and sand wedge.

Master the Basic Golf Swing – Making the Perfect Swing

To be good at golf you need to find a way to adapt your game to your body type. This will help you develop a basic golf swing that works best for you. Below are some useful tips that will help you achieve that perfect basic golf swing next time on the course.

Basic Golf Swing – The Free Swing

Everybody who plays golf knows that if you tense up during your swing then it leads to disaster! Even the most basic golf swing will be affected. The key aspect to improving your basic golf swing is to keep it easy and fluid.

Golf Iron Tips

Over the years I’ve been golfing for the fun of it. Recently I’ve devoted myself to becoming better, as a result I’ve been able to master certain parts of my game. This article is to discuss some of my golf iron tips.

Playing Golf For Fun

Golf is an excellent sport for relaxation as well as for competition. Many play golf for business networking and societal networking.

Perfect Ways to Improve Golf Swing – Some Great Methods That Are Best For You

Golf is really a great sport that can really help you to enjoy a fun filled experience with your friends. This great game is played with a club and balls and special golf courses are designed for it. The player has to hit the balls into the holes which are provided in the golf course. A standard golf course usually has eighteen or nine holes. This competitive game can even be enjoyed indoors with the help of indoor golf platforms.

Golf Tips – Tips to Improve Your Drive

Ben Hogan said the most important club was the driver. If you get the ball in the fairway, you’ve set yourself up for a good score on the hole. This has to do with strategy as often as it does swing skill.

Golf Course Maintenance Budgets – Staying on Target With Pre-Owned Turf Equipment

Regardless of whether it is a tough economy or good economic times, turf maintenance accounts for roughly half of the total expenses that golf courses accrue every year. However, the condition of the greens and overall turf health are two of the most important factors for an appealing course that both attracts players and meets professional standards.

A Simple Golf Tip That Made Me a Better Putter

I tell you that to emphasize why I figure that even if you’re playing bad off the tee or your irons are missing left and right that so long as you can get on the green within one stroke of your closest competitor that you are still in the skin – if you can putt. 300 yard drives are good for bragging about but the guy you have to watch out for is the one that never ever three putts.

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