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How to Putt a Golf Ball And Instantly Lower Your Scores!

Its not that we can not putt, its that we don’t practice! Have you ever seen someone who can do anything extremely good, without practicing?

Useful Information About the Golf Clubs

There is a limited number of golf clubs, which a player can carry during the single round. This limit is set by United States Golf Association, and the current limit is 14.

3 Tips to Improve Golf Swing Speed Fast – Once You Learn These Basics You’ll Improve Your Game Fast

A lot of golfers want to know how they can improve their golf swing speed because they know it’s the key to getting more distance off the tee. This is a huge concern for most golfers.

Want to Lower Your Handicap – Sleep Better

A new study presented at the assembly of the American College of Chest Physicians found that golfers who received treatment for their sleep apnea lowered their golf handicaps, and in some cases by very significant amounts. The most common form of sleep apnea is called obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) and it occurs when there are repeated episodes of complete or partial blockage of the airways during sleep. It is estimated that one in 25 middle-aged men have sleep apnea, and that one in 50 middle-aged women suffer from the malady.

What Going Green May Mean For Your Golf Course

Going Green, or what the proponents like to call the “ecological management of our resources,” is probably going to change the look and feel of your favorite golf course over the next several years and probably also change the way that people play golf.

The Best Golf Tips For Beginners – The Three Tips You Must Know to Learn This Game

I’ve handed out my share of golf tips for beginners during my 40 years of playing this great game. But when I boil it all down, there are three very basic tips that I consider to be far more important than all the others. If you’ll abide by these tips, you’ll get off to the correct start and have a good chance of quickly becoming a successful player. If you choose not to follow these tips, your chances of success are greatly limited.

How to Buy Golf Clubs

Are you thinking about buying new golf clubs? Make sure that you follow these steps to find the right set of clubs for you.

Golf Buggies – Worth Purchasing For Golf Enthusiasts

Are you into the wonderful game of golf? Do you want to make traveling the course easier? Get your very own golf cart or golf buggy.

Choosing the Right Golf Balls For You

The type of golf ball which you use can affects your game completely and it is important to make sure you have the correct one. We have a few handy hints on trying to choose.

Learning the Basics – How to Hold a Golf Club

One of the greatest limiting factors for newbie’s in playing golf is basically how to hold a golf club. Read on to learn more today.

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