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How to Golf With Minimal Injuries

Golf can be fun and relaxing if you do it right. The average golfers often injured themselves by not having proper techniques and forms. Learn how to golf with minimal injuries and improve your golf with this quick and easy modification.

Selecting the Right Golf Ball For Your Game

There are thousands of balls on the market however how do you know which is the right one for you? We have a guide to help you.

7 Tips For Choosing the Right Outdoor Putting Green

This article outlines 7 secrets to choosing the right outdoor putting green for you. Seven benefits to having your own outdoor putting green. How to select an outdoor putting green that will help reduce your golf score.

How to Golf Video – Can it Help?

One of the easiest means to learn the basics of golfing and to improve on ones game is to watch how to golf videos. Read on to learn more today.

Transform Your Golf Swing, Get Tiger Like Power And Accuracy With This Old School Swing Move

How would you like to hit the golf ball like a season PGA pro? I’ve been researching the golf swing for years and by accident I stumbled across an old golf training manual. To my surprise and amazement today’s teaching pro’s are not even teaching this move anymore!

Golf Putting Yips – What Are the Causes?

If you are suffering from the dreaded golf putting yips, then you have my fullest sympathy. I have seen first hand how devastating this awful affliction can be. Not only does golf putting yips visibly ruin your golfing performance and enjoyment of the game, but it can also significantly dent your general confidence in other areas of life as well.

Simplify For Confidence

As you get better at golf, you will want to try too much too soon. Master individual shots one at a time; once you have mastered a shot or a club then add one more club. Confusion comes from trying to be good at too many shots at the same time. Get confident through perfecting your short game with one club around the green and then move on. In this article I explain my troubles with trying too much too soon and how I made a change for the better.

How to Lower Your Handicap – The Best Answer

Most golfers today, whether they are just beginners or experienced, are always trying to answer the question “How can I lower my handicap? They go about answering this question in several ways.

What is the Proper Way to Swing a Golf Club? 5 Tips to Building the Proper Golf Swing

This is the question many golfers ask themselves every time they pick up a golf club. If you have read any of the golf magazines that are published, then you have seen the tips that Professional golfers and Golf Instructors offer up.

Bunker Play Tips – How to Effectively Get Out of the Sand Trap Every Time

Are you aware that the “bunker shot” is one of the most difficult shot in golf for amateur golfers? Do you have trouble getting out of the sand? Do you have negative thoughts whenever you find yourself in the sand? If you answered yes to these questions, you need to read this article.

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