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Simple Golf Swing Review – Is it Different From How to Get 80 and Purepoint Golf?

The best way to have “simple golf swing review” is to compare the book with other golf guides. What are the differences between this book of David Nevogt and the other two courses? In this article, you will understand what are inside the book and if it is better than the rest.

Free Golf Lesson on How to Play a Draw Versus How to Play a Fade

Do you know how to play a draw and how to play a fade in your golf game? Let’s find out this free golf lesson for helping you to improve your game.

Discover 6 Easy Steps to Swing at 85 Percent For More Distance on Your Golf Game

As several players have already noted, striving for all-out power can be counterproductive when it comes to driving. It not only magnifies the effects of any defects in the swing, however slight these might be, but can also actually reduce distance through mistiming the ball. Far better, sometimes, to hit within yourself, say at 85 percent, and focus more on aspects of technique, such as a full shoulder turn, good tempo, smooth weight transfer and a balanced follow-through.

Discover 5 Basics Fundamental Golf Swing Skills For Short Pitch Success

Most amateurs get into a complete mess, technique-wise, when they are faced with a shot that is neither a chip nor a full pitch. It is somewhere in between the two, and frankly, that is pretty hard to deal with for a lot of golfers.

Taylor Made Golf Clubs – Innovations For the Future

Some golfers find it hard to select the perfect golf clubs to complement their game. This isn’t a strange thing to hear because in any sport, to do well you have to have a certain comfort level with your surroundings and especially with any equipment that you have. Because of this reason, most manufacturers of golf clubs and other golfing equipment try to develop products that cater to each and every type of golfer.

Golf Swing Tips – Improving Your Golf Driving Distance

This is something which people ask me almost on a daily basis, but of course it’s perfectly understandable considering that every amateur dreams of having a good driving distance. As I’ve said to many other people in the past, this goal is not quite as it appears to be. First of all, forget all about purchasing more golf clubs, and don’t even consider hitting another practice ball. In fact, you should even take a break from any lessons you may be receiving.

Golf Swing Help – A Few Suggestions

Many golf players feel perplexed about where to get golf swing help. There is little dispute on how important it is to the game but improving it can be difficult as players do not know what to do. Spending some time focusing on your swing will yield rewards in the game you play and your overall enjoyment of golf – and that is, after all, why you play right?

Golf Swing Help – Some Tips to Fixing a Poor Golf Swing

Everybody that plays golf will, at some time, have experienced the thought on needing to improve their golf swing to play a better game. I am sure that many golfers have looked online for some help with how to “fix” a bad golf swing. There is certainly plenty of information out there online, some of it is great.

Your Ways – Improving Your Golf

I think golf players can deal with a shot 150 yards from the green, but put in a couple of bunkers and some water hazards and that green starts to shrink. A lot of people would to think about the trouble that lies ahead as a negative thing.

Cheap Golf Clubs – Price Over Value?

Why on earth would you be thinking of buying inexpensive or downright cheap golf clubs? Surely, you comprehend that the word “cheap” and the word “value” really have nothing in common – right? And, if it’s price that you really demand and absolutely want, then I have something you really should consider.

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