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Three Golf Driving Tips That Could Save Your Round

Every golf hole begins at the tee box, which is technically in the middle of the fairway. We all want to stay in the fairway, while obtaining as much distance from our tee shot as possible. However, most people suffer from a lack of consistency off of the tee, resulting in missed fairways and poor position for their second shots. How can you avoid this problem and hit the ball better? Here are three golf driving tips that can keep you in the fairway, yards past your buddies.

How to Correct Slicing and Hooking

Slicing and hooking is a major problem that many golfers have. They often try and compensate by adjusting their aim or some other unorthodox method. If you want to correct your slice or hook, follow these four tips.

Golf Lessons – Take Them Once a Year

Golf seems as though it would be a simple game at first glance. After all, all you have to do is hit a stationary ball in the direction you want to go. As anyone who places golf knows, the game is far more difficult than that. The devil is in the details as the old cliche goes and getting advice on your game continually can make a huge difference in how you ultimately play.

New Age Golf at Stock Brook

New golf courses. Are they any good? By new I’m thinking of anything created within the last 15 or 20 years. I’m a traditionalist and in my mind you can’t call a place a proper golf course unless it’s been around for a good few decades.

The Most Important Golf Skill That is Very Seldom Taught by Most Golf Pros is How to Relax in Golf

You just have to watch a Professional Golfer’s swing to see the importance of knowing how to relax in golf. There are actually two components involved in the process of learning this fundamental. They are both equally important.

Golf – Do Not Flex Excessively

Golf is an incredibly addicting game because it has so many aspects that men really love. One is the ability to grip it and rip it. Of course, most of us will crush the ball with absolutely no idea of where it is going. This mentality also carries through to choosing the club flex for your swing and why it is often done incorrectly.

3 Best Ways to Lower Your Golf Score

Golf can be a frustrating game and is one of the only games where the aim is a lower score. Golf takes practice and practice and more practice but there are ways that you can easily improve your game. Often the player just needs to be shown or told what to do. Below are the 3 best ways to improve your golf score.

Important Features You Should Look For in Golf Cart Bags

Golfers have quite a lot of tools available for use. There are those which help them improve their game and those which help them in maintaining their tools in great working condition. Like cars, there may also be tools for assembling and repairing some of these pieces of equipment. However, one must-have for every golfer is one of those reliable golf cart bags.

Club Flex – Don’t Give Yourself the Shaft

There is a rather humorous tendencies of some golfers to blame the equipment when they don’t play well. The good news is this is sometimes actually true. Many golfers buy equipment that doesn’t match their style of play or natural abilities. In this article, we take a look at club shaft flex and how it can impact your handicap.

Golf Shots Explained – Draw and Fade

When should a golfer hit a draw with their driver? You want to use the ‘draw’ when you are facing a dogleg left and want your tee shot to follow the design of the golf hole. Another good reason for hitting a draw with your driver is that it will typically be a longer golf shot due to the added roll.

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