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Ladies Golf Clubs – The Perfect Gift For a Perfect Woman

Women over the years have gotten better and better at playing golf. In fact, the sport has gained popularity with women so much so that manufacturers released exclusive ladies golf clubs for them.

Ladies Golf Bags – What Women Want

Every woman who plays golf shouldn’t be limited to using a man’s golf bag. There are after all ladies golf bags already out in the market that are steadily gaining popularity. These are the bags that would be perfect for carrying women’s golfing equipment and other items that they’re going to use.

Strengthen Your Mind on the Practice Green

A strong mind doesn’t mean the absence of pressure, it means the mastery of pressure. It means you’ve found ways to put yourself under pressure and you’ve practiced succeeding under pressure. You’ve learned that when pressure comes, you have the strength to not let it deflect you.

What is the Proper Way to Swing a Golf Club After Having the Winter Blues?

The search for the proper way to swing a golf club starts with going to the driving range after a long winter off. The key to being able to pick up where you left off from last season, or by improving on your performance is to prepare yourself before you hit the golf course for the first time.

Datrek Golf Bags – Where Size Does Matter

Is a golf bag or a cart bag? This is what you’d mostly hear people ask when they’re looking at Datrek golf bags. The reason for this is primarily because of the sizes that the manufacturer develops these bags in.

USGA Groove Rule

Phil Mickelson found a hole in the USGA Groove Rule. Good for him, the rule makes no sense.

Good Golf Practice – Swing Your Clubs at Home

If you have limited space at your house, you can still swing your clubs without the ball. There are many aspects to a good golf swing. The approach, the grip, the backswing, and the follow through. All of these aspects can be worked on without ever touching a golf ball.

The Importance of the Golf Grip

One of the the biggest mistakes made in golf is an incorrect golf grip. It is extremely important to grip the club correctly because it will directly effect the outcome of your shot.

Answers For a Lower Golf Score

The easiest way to a lower golf score. When trying to drop 5-10 strokes off your score, the easiest way to do it is perfect your putting. This involves reading the green and gaining a pre-putt routine.

Golf on a Micro Budget

That’s the ‘Micro Golf Budget’ way to buy some clubs and get ten rounds of golf under your belt! After ten rounds you’ll know whether golf is for you, and if it is you may decide to invest more of your hard earned cash into equipment upgrades or playing better golf courses.

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