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Positives and Negatives of TaylorMade Burner Irons

The Burner series are the latest addition to TaylorMade and the Burner Iron combines technology and hot clubfaces to achieve greater speed. TaylorMade has described this iron to have “SuperFast Technology,” which presumes that the iron is intended to hit the ball far.

Using Big Bertha Irons For Your Golf Game

To me, playing golf is a bit like playing guitar. The reason being, is like the guitar, you will only be able to get so far using inferior equipment. There will come a time where you need to get some decent clubs which often will instantly improve your game. Otherwise, there can be a danger of learning bad habits to compensate for the tools.

Playing Golf the Callaway Graphite Way

There are many different club manufacturers that produce high quality equipment, in most cases you just need to pick one which suits your style, you can’t always say that one is better than the other. I’m sure this article will help you decide whether a Callaway club is something you should try or not.

3 Golf Hints to Improve Your Golf Game

Information for those of us that are after some golf hints to help our game. I am just a hacker but these tips have helped me and hopefully they will aid you as well.

British Open History – Can Padraig Harrington Win His 3rd Straight Open Championship?

It has been over 50 years since Peter Thomson won 3 consecutive British Opens. He won in 1954, 1955, and 1956. At the 2009 British Open to be played at Turnberry from July 16 – 19 Padraig Harrington will attempt to duplicate the 3-peat of Peter Thomson.

Your Inside Out Swing Game

How many times when you are down at your local club chatting away about how to improve your golf swing, and friends say to you “You must swing from the inside out,” or “You need to swing more down the line.” “Yeah I know,” you say. But do you? So here is a common drill to help learn.

Golfing “In the Moment”

It is much easier to answer ‘WHEN is Zen’ because it is all about being in the NOW! The whole point of Zen practice is to become fully aware of the here and now. To play golf fully in the moment is to play great golf.

Visualise Your Way to Golf Success!

How many times do you see a hazard as you are about to take a shot, and combined with your self-talk, you have already decided that is exactly where your ball is going to end up? Let’s imagine that you are standing on the tee, and you need a carry-over of about 160 yards to clear the water hazard and get it onto the fairway.

Choose The Right Golf Club to Improve Your Game

Granted, there are many times you cannot get away with blaming your tools, but in Golf, it is widely accepted that if you don’t choose the right equipment for the game, you could experience an uphill battle. Find out here how to start on the right foot.

Ping G10 Driver Review

Since 1967, Ping Golf has been revolutionizing the golf driver market. Ping’s 2003 release of the G2 Driver introduced one of the largest and most momentous movements made to retain the traditional driver look and feel while improving the overall performance of the clubs. Recently, Ping Golf released its G10, a counterpart to the Ping Rapture. Ping’s driver line is consistently one of the most respected in the golf industry, but how does the G10 Driver compare to previous releases.

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