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Did You Know Your Golf Swing is Probably Good Enough Already? Do You Really Want to Play Better?

Most golfers want to improve their golf game and want someone to show them how they can knock 10 to 20% off their total shots in the quickest easiest fashion. So a golfer shooting in the 90’s can knock 10 or more shots off their game. A 5 handicap golfer can easily knock 2 and maybe more off their game. You may be focusing on the one aspect of your game that requires the least work, your swing, and ignoring the two massive areas for improvement for the average amateur.

Swing in an Arc

Stop swinging “over the top”. Learn a very simple swing arc that will help you hit more consistent golf shots using far less effort. Your swing power comes from your legs and hips, not your arms. Learn to use your large muscles to hit the ball more consistently. Swing easy and let your club to do the work!

How to Stop Slicing the Ball With the Best Golf Swing Drills

Often we hear on the range that you have to stop slicing. But how to stop slicing and correct the slice in a good way? Well, there are some golf swing drills you can consider to improve your game pretty fast. Do you want to lower your handicap and beat your competitors? Then this article is for you.

Proper Way to Swing a Golf Club in 3 Easy Steps

If you practice it would not be so difficult to learn a proper way to swing a golf club. For the beginner it is always difficult to master the inside out golf swing. Even a pro player has to train every day to keep his level. But how can you correct a slice and get the best golf swing like Tiger Woods?

The Inside Out Golf Swing – How to Hit a Draw in Golf Like Tiger Woods

Golf has become more and more popular these days. The US Opens started and every golf enthusiast is looking at the Tiger Woods golf swing. For sure, he knows the inside out golf swing, but how can you hit the ball right. If you want to better your game or want to know how to fix a slice quickly then this article is the place to go.

Look For Swing Golf Help Before It’s Too Late!

Isn’t golf fun? The frustration, the irritation, the anxiety, and the failures. Why do we do it? If you are an average, everyday golfer, you know how hard it is. You practice and practice, you pay big money to play, and you never seem to get any better.

Golf Breaks For Grooms-to-Be – Why You Should Consider a Stag Do on the Golf Course

Stag do’s and golf breaks may not sound like an ideal match, but they can provide a perfect mix for grooms-to-be to enjoy their last days of freedom before tying the knot. For any males getting married, having a stag do is an integral part of the process leading up to the big day.

Golf Exercises For a Better Golf Game

All golfers should consider an exercise regime which incorporates specific exercises aimed at keeping those muscles used during your shot supple and strong. This will help you avoid golf related injuries and may even help you play better due to being more comfortable during your round.

Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Driver Review

The Callaway Big Bertha Diablo driver is the newest in the long line of Callaways Big Bertha Clubs. Big Bertha is not the most expensive club but it probably is the most famous name club there is, but that does not mean that it is the best available, or even more importantly the best for you.

Develop a Good Stance to Improve Your Golf Shots

One of the most important things you need to get right when preparing to take a shot is your stance. The correct stance will ensure that your ball leaves the tee in the direction you intended.

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