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Golf Course Types by Ownership

There are lots of different types of golf course that you could end up playing on. Some are next to the ocean and some are based in heathland or are surrounded by woods.

Best Golf Training – What You Need to Know to Have a Great Day on the Course!

Who else wants to know what the best golf training is? Wouldn’t it be great if you could surprise your friends on the course as you drive your way to the best score of your life – and theirs?

Golfers Can Add 40 Yards to Their Drives by Improving Their Clubface Contact Position

Focusing your golf swing on hitting the ball in the center of the club face – center contact – will give you the maximum distance for your swing and clubhead speed. Understanding where you currently make contact can help you make the adjustments necessary to optimize your driver distance. An impact position that is 3/4 inch off center will decrease distance 25-40 yards! You can make your own budget impact detector with a magic marker and a range ball. Use the feedback to change your set-up or swing to maximize your driver distance.

Best Golf Swing – How to Have a Consistent Swing That Shocks Your Fellow Players!

If you want to know how to get the best golf swing of your life, you’re not alone. Thousands of players every weekend want to get that extra edge so they can achieve their personal best and shock the hell out of their fellow players.

“Secret in the Dirt” Ebook Review

“Secret in the Dirt” is the first golf ebook release of what hopefully will be many more to come. It may be a little much to say that the author, Sevam1, has revolutionized golf instruction but he has given a new spin on the traditional ebook. Sevam1 has merged traditional golf instruction in book form, with golf instruction via videos and storytelling all with done with a most entertaining personality. All of this is in his new ebook, “Secret in the Dirt”.

Your Golf Mind – Are You Running Your Brain Or is it Running You?

Are you passively reacting to events as they unfold around you, a victim of being run by your brain even though you think you are in control? You may need to do a bit of old fashioned honest soul searching because the chances are very good that you are submissively responding to events. You need to discover how to take control of yourself if you want to play better golf and enjoy yourself to the maximum.

Practice a Faster Golf Swing to Get More Driver Distance

Looking to add more distance to your drives? It will help if you understand the three factors that influence distance in your golf swing so that you know where to best focus your efforts.

Three Tips For a Proper Golf Swing

Golf, undoubtedly, is a favourite sport; a reason why it is broadcast on TV. Your game may not be up to the level of Tiger Wood’s, but to become good at it, there are just three helpful golf swing tips to attain the proper golf swing.

Golf Goals Made Easy – Part 2 of 2 – How to Set and Achieve Any Goal So It’s a Simple Process

If you are going to set goals for yourself you should make them really appealing. Small goals are small dreams and these really don’t ignite the human imagination. In this Part 2 we discuss Outcome versus Process and why you must ignore your outcome goal once it is set or you may well sabotage what you are trying to achieve.

To Hit the Golf Ball Better and Higher – Consider Reducing the Loft of Your Golf Clubs

At first sight this may seem to be a strange paradox; after all, in order to hit the ball higher the obvious thing to do outside of changing the golf swing would be to increase the loft, not decrease it. This may be the accepted wisdom of “usual” golf advice, but is it necessarily correct?

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