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Is Your Conscious Mind Far Too Scared of Bad Results to Allow You to Play Your Best Golf?

If you are ever to play the kind of golf you are capable of on a consistent basis then you will have to learn to disengage from performance results and conscious mind thinking. You need to learn why you suffer anxieties and doubts and how to deal with them. You must discover the secret to playing in a state of natural flow, where performance comes from the unconscious. It’s what top athletes do in all sports including golf but it is not reserved for them. You can learn to harness this power too.

Pure Point Golf – How to Correct a Golf Swing Slice With a Proper Grip

A pure point golf issue is the proper golf club grip. If your grip is not correctly you will slice the ball pretty fast. But how to correct a golf swing slice? A correct grip is one answer. How can you determine a good grip. There are some basic rules you have to implement into your training routine if you want to get a proper grip.

Fix Your Golf Slice – Learn the 4 Main Causes of a Golf Slice and How to Fix Them

Does your golf swing more resemble a boomerang being thrown than a golf ball being hit? Are you sick of spending more time in the woods than most animals? If so, then you have found the right place to finally cure your nasty golf slice. Learn why your ball is slicing and find the prescription for a cure.

Practice Using Lasers?

You don’t usually associate technology and golf. The game just doesn’t seem to lend itself to the benefits of technology. Or, does it? A student attending a golf instruction session once showed me a range finder.

Putt Your Way to Better Golf

I know that going to the driving range a smacking golf balls as far as you can is more entertainment than standing on the putting green. If you want to play better golf and have more fun also. At least equal the amount of time on both.

Always Trust Your Swing Or Prepare to Shoot Higher Scores Than Necessary

If you don’t trust your swing then you are going to be doing a lot of analyzing and attempting to make your swing happen on the course. This is fundamentally wrong when it comes to peak performance. I am in no doubt what-so-ever that you will always score better in trust mode no matter what you believe about your swing.

A Lower Handicap in Golf – 3 Essential Tips to Help You Achieve It

Despite having been an avid golfer since the age of ten I have never become the really skilled golfer I imagined I would become one day. For many years, until quite recently, my handicap was stuck at between 12 and 14, but I struggled on to get that handicap down. However, just a few weeks after I started to practice a few new tips and techniques I was able to lower my handicap into singe figures for the first time – and more importantly it has stayed there.

Add 25 Yards to Your Drives by Letting Go of Tension (Try the Potato Chip Drill)

The best thing golfers can do to improve their distance off the tee is to increase their clubhead speed – in other words, swing faster. The worst thing they can do to sabotage clubhead speed is to try to swing HARDER. Why?

Three Ways to Achieve Accuracy Within 50 Feet

Tiger Woods is back. His narrow victory at the Arnold Palmer Invitational last week clearly shows he’s ready to challenge the field again. The win also shows he’s ready to play in the Masters and contend seriously for another green jacket.

Four Touch Shots You Must Learn

Most golfers don’t get enough out of practice. That’s because they just hit balls. If you’re serious about slashing strokes from your golf handicap, try putting oneself in a problem situation during practice. Then work on shots that will get you out of it. This approach sets up an objective you can work toward.

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